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Rambo's back in action

Sylvester Stallone means to bring back his two most famous characters over the next twelve months. Having completed work on Rocky Balboa, which is due out this winter, the ageing action hero will direct and star in Rambo IV for release in summer 2007.

Rambo was one of the iconic film characters of the 1980s. Conceived as a psychotic anti-hero by author David Morrell in the novel First Blood, he was turned by Stallone into a misunderstood hero in the 1982 film adaptation, in which Rambo was the target of a manhunt in his home country.

The movie was a hit and it spawned a phenomenally successful 1985 sequel, Rambo: First Blood Part II in which Rambo returned to Vietnam to rescue prisoners of war. There was a backlash against the film's over the top comic book action and Commie-bashing politics but Stallone ignored the criticism and made 1988's Rambo III bigger, more spectacular and even more anti-Communist (the plot had Rambo fighting the Russians in Afghanistan... alongside the forerunners of the Taliban!). However, the result was less entertaining than its predecessors and audiences had moved on to more sophisticated action films like Lethal Weapon and Die Hard - Rambo III was an expensive disappointment.

Arriving eighteen years later, the fourth installment will go back to the series' grittier roots - like First Blood, it's a tough adventure movie set at home in America. The plot will involve John Rambo being forced to come out of retirement when his daughter goes missing.

The cast also includes James Brolin (The Amityville Horror), Kim Dickens (Hollow Man) and Jenna Boyd (Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants).

The teaser poster is below:

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