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Viridiana & Exterminating Angel in August

Arrow Films have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Luis Buñuel’s Viridiana and Exterminating Angel for 28th August 2006 priced at £15.99 each. Luis Buñuel is the father of cinematic surrealism and one of the most original directors in the history of film. A contemporary of Salvador Dali, his films fought against a despised society, its religions and the bourgeoisie through the use of shock and scandal.

After years in exile, Luis Buñuel was invited back to his native Spain to direct Viridiana – only to have the film denounced by the Vatican and suppressed by the Spanish government on grounds of blasphemy and obscenity.

Perhaps the crowning achievement of Buñuel’s career and winner of the Palm D’Or at Cannes, the film centres on an idealistic young nun named Viridiana (Silvia Pinal). Before she can take her final vows, her Mother Superior requests that she visit her Uncle Don Jaime (Fernando Rey). Although he has “selflessly” provided for the girl over the years, she has always considered him an unspeakable beast, so is surprised when he graciously welcomes her into his home. Just as graciously, he sets about to corrupt Viridiana beyond redemption – all because the girl resembles the wife that died on their wedding day.

Exterminating Angel
Luis Buñuel father of Surrealist cinema, was terrified of crowds, disliking society as an institution and believing that religion and ideology are a simple front for selfish interests. He develops these themes in this work, as imaginative allegory on the character of man and the futility of the upper classes.

After a lavish dinner party in a stately mansion, the guests find themselves mysteriously unable to leave the room. As days pass the elaborate pretences and facades that they’ve built up by virtue of their position in society collapse completely as they become reduced to living like animals to survive.

These are barebones releases, presenting the films in their original Full Frme aspect ratios with Spanish Mono audio and optional English subtitles.

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