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Forbidden Zone in August

Arrow Films have announced the UK DVD release of Forbidden Zone for 14th August 2006 priced at £15.99. Welcome to the Forbidden Zone, a bizarre world ruled by a sex-crazed midget king and populated by his domineering wife, their beautiful topless daughter, a giant dancing frog butler, a chicken boy, obese bikini-clad maidens, a machine gun-toting schoolteacher, a human chandelier, the irrepressible Hercules Family and Satan himself, and a place where degraded beings of every imaginable kind run riot!

The Background…
Co-written (with Matthew Bright) and directed by Richard Elfman, Forbidden Zone began life as an attempt to capture on film what Richard and brother Danny had been doing on stage with their musical-theatrical group the Mystic Knights of Oingo Boingo (which later formed into cult new-wave rock group, Oingo Boingo). Essentially an absurdist musical-comedy troupe, the Mystic Knights' only rule was "fuck contemporary" and led them to perform only totally original works composed by Danny Elfman or loving recreations of old classics by the likes of Cab Calloway, Josephine Baker, early Duke Ellington and Django Rheinhardt. The theatrics were inspired by the films of Fellini, the cartoons of Max Fleischer and the physical comedy of the Three Stooges.

Forbidden Zone captures the spirit, imagination and musical brilliance of the Mystic Knights and features the group as a whole, as well as starring several of the individual from the group, including founder members Richard, his then wife Marie-Pascale (as Frenchy Hercules), brother Danny (as Satan), childhood friend Gene Cunningham (as Pa Hercules) and one-time bass player and now a writer and director in his own right, Matthew Bright (as Squeezit and Squeezit's sister Rene).

The DVD…
A feast of visual and aural delights, reaching new found heights of insanity, invention and questionable taste, the all-time cult classic Forbidden Zone now boasts an eye-popping high definition widescreen transfer and restored and remastered 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround soundtrack.

Special Features:

  • Audio commentary featuring director Richard Elfman and writer-actor Matthew Bright
  • A Look Into The Forbidden Zone – extensive behind the scenes documentary featuring interviews and archive footage, including scenes from Elfman's lost film, The Hercules Family
  • Outtakes and deleted scenes
  • Two complete scenes from The Hercules Family
  • Oingo Boingo music video for Private Life
  • Theatrical trailer

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