The BBC in January (including Blakes 7)

The BBC have announced the following UK Region 2 DVD releases for January 2004...

Wild West arrives on 12th January 2004 with a retail price of £19.99. This quirky comedy is set in the small, picturesque yet rather odd coastal village of St. Gweep and stars Dawn French. Mary (Dawn French) always says what she thinks and is not averse to stocking the shop she runs with stolen goods, while Angela's prim exterior masks an unhealthy obsession with some frilly frocks and strange phobias. And the village locals are every bit eccentric as the distinctively 'odd couple' in this charming and original series.

Doctor Who: The Visitation arrives on 19th January 2004 with a retail price of £19.99. Originally broadcast in February 1982 and written by Eric Saward, this is, according to a poll of Doctor Who Magazine readers, the most requested story from the Peter Davison era still to be released on DVD.

Features on the disc include:

  • 4 x 25 minutes colour episodes with mono audio
  • Isolated Score (Mono)
  • Audio Commentary with Peter Davison, Janet Fielding, Sarah Sutton, Matthew Waterhouse and Peter Moffatt
  • Film Trims (5:32mins) - including extended/deleted scenes
  • Directing Who - Peter Moffat (26:13mins) - a featurette about the work of the director of this and several other Doctor Who stories
  • Writing a Final Visitation (12:50mins) - an interview with the story's writer, Eric Saward
  • Scoring the Visitation (16:19mins) - Mark Ayres interviews composer Paddy Kingsland about his music for the story
  • Picture Gallery (5:12mins)
  • Easter Egg
  • Production Notes
Blakes 7: Series 1 arrives on 26th January 2004 as a 5-disc set retailing at £49.99. This brand new 5-disc DVD digi-pack contains all 13 episodes from Series 1 and a host of special features including:-
  • Commentary tracks on 3 episodes:-
    • Space Fall - with Michael Keating (Vila), Sally Knyvette (Jenna) & David Maloney (Producer)
    • Seek-Locate-Destory - with Stephen Greif (Travis), Michael Keating (Vila) & Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan)
    • Project Avalon - with Stephen Greif (Travis), Sally Knyvette (Jenna) & Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan)
  • 2 Out-takes, a missing scene, 1 Robot, 2 Flat Feet & a blooper
  • Blue Peter - Lesley Judd makes a Liberator Teleport Bracelet
  • 9 Character Introductions
  • Trailer for Series 2
  • Easter Eggs

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