Ichi The Killer Anime from Premier Asia

Premier Asia have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Ichi The Killer - Anime for 26th January 2004 with a low retail price of £12.99. This anime version of Hideo Yamamoto's original Manga was also scripted by Yamamoto and details the shocking origins of the razor-booted assassin and martial arts expert, Ichi, and reveals the sources of his barely controlled inner rage.

The low retail price reflects the short running time of the anime (around 45-minutes) while the extra features detailed in the press release suggest there will be nothing specific to the main content, and instead a selection of material to promote the live-action release...

"The disc also includes a "Behind the Live-Action Movie Showcase" featuring a Takashi Miike interview, outtakes and behind-the-scenes footage from the live-action "Ichi The Killer" movie. This material, previously included exclusively on Premier Asia's 2-disc DVD release of the live-action feature, provides anime fans with the perfect introduction to the bizarre and violent world of Ichi The Killer."

Here is a look at the revised cover artwork (original art can be found here).

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