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It’s finally over. The wait for the final Matrix film, Matrix Revolutions has ended and everyone can at last see the finale to one of the most anticipated films this year. Well, hopefully that’s still true after the events of Matrix Reloaded, which was met with heavy criticism from the press, movie goers and die hard fans of The Matrix. Too confusing, too stylish and poorly written were some of the remarks made against the second film and everyone is praying that the third film does the job. Having to wait by sitting for 45 minutes in a fairly packed cinema in Reading between 1:15pm – 2pm on the film's extremely ambiguous opening day around the world; the final result is satisfactory, not brilliant, after the final credits rolled.

From the title card, we are thrown straight back into the fight of man against machine for everyone as Revolutions kicks off directly after Reloaded. Nothing major has changed as Zion is still under the threat of the machines impending attack. Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss), and Niobe (Jada Pinkett Smith) are all still trying to come up with a plan to get back to Zion to help defend it from destruction. However as for ‘The One’ called Neo (Keanu Reeves), since falling into a coma at the end of Reloaded, he’s managed to end up in a place that is somehow wedged between the real world and The Matrix. This leaves our hero in the middle of an abandoned train station waiting to be rescued by his fellow friends from the slimy Frenchman, the Merovingian (Lambert Wilson).

Aside from Neo’s small problem, a far greater one is emerging. Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) is still running around making multiple copies of himself and is gradually taking control of The Matrix. Not even the programmes that helped create the Matrix are preventing him to do so such as The Oracle and her guardian Seraph. The threat of machine war drawing ever closer towards Zion and the fate of the Matrix are all well at hand. Everything now lays in what actions the chosen one, Neo, decides to take in order to stop the machines, Smith, and The Matrix itself in the conclusive finale. Who wins the war? Who survives to fight another day? Don't expect those answers here. They are within The Matrix.

For everyone wanting an improvement on Reloaded, Revolutions definitely makes up for the shiny substance of martial arts fighting over sensible plot in Reloaded. There are little fights within the Matrix this time around and besides the main action centrepiece is naturally the fight of the human resistance against the machines in Zion. The final film is extremely visually stunning – the war between man and machine being the true highlight as the special effects effortlessly seem natural within this grand battle. It matches the excellence that was seen in Reloaded’s stunning freeway chase and at least we can be thankful for the superb action scenes which have been created here. We mustn’t forget also the other highlight of the film being Neo facing Agent Smith in a final fight in the Matrix itself. Again, like the fight against the machines, it’s stunning visually and unlike the previous fights scenes seen in Reloaded (except the Neo Vs 100 Agent Smiths), it’s truly compelling.

As for the ending to the trilogy, I find it quite satisfactory. Most things have seemingly been tied up. War ends, characters are dead, things have changed. Naturally though, there are questions unanswered and things have been left opened for – OH PLEASE NO – a fourth Matrix film if they even attempted it. I can’t really say if I feel it’s an ending die-hard fans will love. There naturally will be groups of people who will either love it, like it, or despise it.

Some of the criticisms from Reloaded unfortunately return to haunt Revolutions. The dialogue is still wooden for most of the characters and in some cases even predictable! More so, the acting at times feels stale. It’s more or less on par with what we’ve seen with Reloaded but still Keanu Reeves looks like a partially emotionless robot. Laurence Fishburne has lost that strong verbal presence that made Morpheus such a memorable character. And as for Carrie Anne Moss, she's been reduced to a woman fighting for her man. Everyone tries to do their job well but no one has successfully done it as well as Hugo Weaving making his final appearance as Agent Smith. Out of all the characters displayed in the Matrix universe, Agent Smith has always been the highlight of these films and in time might be seen as one of the all time greatest bad guys ever to grace a cinema screen. Hugo Weaving just steals scenes he’s in throughout Revolutions and it is a splendid performance.

Another factor of Reloaded still lurks and its those crazy philosophical words and theories. They’re still within Revolutions, though not as confusing. Be warned! Don’t think this means it simple to understand. The amount of philosophical debates about emotions and the mind of the human body has been reduced, but will still cause confusion for those wanting a simpler movie. But ever since the first film, the Wachowski Brothers weren’t going to be easy on the audience by making the movie simpler. They wanted their film to have depth and depending how you see the film, their depth is either worth something or completely useless.

It’s kind of sad to bid farewell to the Matrix from cinema screens. Ever since it’s beginning in 1999, it’s been a benchmark for nearly every action movie to match. It’s been given a fairly decent ending which hopefully most people will accept. Ever since Reloaded emerged, I thought it would be quite difficult to beat the original or let alone match the quality of entertainment set by the original Matrix film and Revolutions doesn’t really come close to it. A visually stunning epic that lacks that certain something to give Matrix the proper send off. My advice? Save the tissues for when Return of The King arrives and we bid farewell to Lord of The Rings as well.



out of 10

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