Alias - What Happened?

Alias, one of the shining lights of recent American television, is fast approaching the end of it's final season. However as a lapsed fan, I really couldn't care.

The show that got J.J.Abrams the Mission: Impossible III gig has become an empty husk of a show. The characters that avid fans used to be so emotionally attached to no longer pull on the heart strings. Who cared when Vaughan was apparently killed at the beginning of the series? Who gives a shit whether Sydney carries his baby or not?

The rot first set in back at the beginning of the series third season. The first mistake was making David Anders, Sark, part of the main cast - as a recurring villain he had some impact, but season three saw Sark escape from custody far too often to be remotely plausible. Much like you could count on a rubber mask or two in Scooby-Doo, you could pretty much count on Sark getting out of pretty much any predicament.

Then we have the no-one really dies mentality - if a character dies in Alias then chances are they'll pop up again a few episodes later. Either as a 'clone' or by some other ridiculous get-out. Irina was 'really dead' for a few months but then she came back. We SAW Vaughan die with multiple gunshot wounds - but I'm sure by the end of the series we'll see him living and breathing again. And what about Sloane - lethal injection one minute and some miraculous cure the next. Come off it, if you're going to kill someone just fucking do it! Now, if someone does die, it just results in a 'so what' response. I wouldn't even count on Sydney's dead fiancé from the pilot really being dead. If you take away the consequences of characters dying, then you may as well not kill them in the first place.

And how about Sloane? One minute the most wanted terrorist in the world who is tried, convicted and then executed and the next leader of a secret branch of the CIA? Sorry, but WTF is that all about?

Even the trademark '48 hours earlier' teasers became a joke - if we know how something is going to end, then is there really any point in sitting through the next 45 minutes just to find out how they got to this point?

Alias is now more of a spoof of itself rather than the cutting edge, exciting show that it started out as. At first, J.J's absense for the third season was blamed, but what excuses are there for the subsequent years? Studio interference? A lack of ideas? Alias jumped the shark a long time ago and will most likely be remembered for what it became rather than what it was. It's a shame and a perfect example, along with the X-Files, of how a series can get itself so utterly lost in it's own mythology that it's impossible to regain the charm that once made it brilliant.

Last updated: 19/04/2018 06:12:29

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