Freddy vs Jason vs Michael - the battle to end them all?

Having been a horror fan since a very young age (I'm 22 now, so I did miss out on the late 70s-early 80s slasher boom period), I've spent many years catching up on "classics," and even researching them for a paper at university.

You certainly wouldn't believe that, as a kid, I could never watch Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video after getting nightmares the first and only time I saw it, nor could I watch any wrestling matches featuring the legendary Undertaker character in WWF. Looking back, it's like my childhood was someone else's.

Now my room is decorated with horror posters, figures of my favourite killers, and an ever-growing DVD collection. My first taste of a real horror movie was A Nightmare On Elm Street, and while I was scared sh*tless, I developed a morbid fascination with the genre that has lasted more years than I care to recall.

Horror, as a genre, is no doubt my favourite and I am sure that will never change. However, in recent years I have found it increasingly hard to stomach one thing that I find scarier above all else - REMAKES.

I suppose my fear began with that ill-fated OH MY GOD YOU CAN'T DO THAT "remake" of Psycho. If there were ever a horror/thriller that should never have been touched, I'm sure Psycho would be at the top of many lists. It was just WRONG on so many levels. It wasn't a re-interpretation, it served no purpose, and it just lost everything that was good about the original. Of course, this hasn't been the only remake:

The Shining
The Haunting
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Dawn Of The Dead
The Ring
The Grudge
Dark Water
The Amityville Horror
The Fog
The Hills Have Eyes
The Evil Dead

Whether it be a modernising, an Americanising, a TV movie, or simply a reinterpretation of the original story featuring a few of the original characters, it all stinks of a lazy cash-in to me. I'd like to say that the movies are too good to mess with, but to be honest, some of them weren't even good in the first place! That's not to say that I did not like some of them - The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was actually enjoyable, and I am looking forward to The Beginning sequel/prequel. There are rare occasions where the "remakes" are different enough to be viewed as separate entities.

As much as remakes do get under my skin, I'm not sure what bothers me more - ruining the original movie by doing it all over again, or ruining the legacy by doing an ultimately inferior sequel. Yes, now we get to the point I refer to in the title. Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Michael Myers. Arguably the worst victims of sequelitis, a very horrible disease that often spreads through the horror genre ...

Nightmare On Elm Street franchise - 8 movies.
Halloween franchise - 8 movies.
Friday the 13th franchise - 11 movies.

And that is exactly what they all are - franchises. There is no sign of them slowing down either. Robert Englund, who has portrayed Freddy in each of the "Nightmare" movies, has long speculated about a Freddy origin movie as well as the aforementioned 3-way battle. Another Halloween movie is always rumoured. Just like another Evil Dead movie, or another Chucky movie ... it's never ending!

Beyond the rumours though, there has now been an official announcement about ANOTHER Friday the 13th movie - this time supposedly dealing with Jason's development from the end of the very FIRST movie, going through and becoming the killer that is recognised all over the world. Is this necessary? I cannot see why they need to do it really. Sure, Friday the 13th fans would love to see another part, but it is hardly an original premise.

The one and only movie I would love to see is Freddy vs Jason vs Michael. Three of the biggest horror icons in one movie. A fight to the death, and the death being the end of all three franchises. What better way for all of them to bow out? Go out on a high, on something truly memorable instead of another pointless sequel or god forbid a remake!

As a fan of all three, I can't say I'd be sad to see them end. After all, there's a combined 26 movies to watch and re-watch! I would just prefer to see those pieces of horror history go out in a deserving way. Out in a blaze of glory, not drowning in their own monetary greed. Develop a new franchise - Saw has shown that there is still some imagination and life left in the genre - and keep horror fresh for many years to come!

There is still demand out there, and horror will always be able to develop some of the best audience reactions possible. There is a slight stigma attached to the genre, but if we focus on the few original ideas, rather than the sequels and remakes, I think it's a highly respected art form. It is very hard these days to scare people. We are a much more open and tolerant society in regards to blood and gore etc. I will always look forward to seeing what will be developed next to TRULY scare us.

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