On the Buses: The Complete Second Series Review

Following on from the review of The Complete First Series of On The Buses earlier today, this covers the second season from 1970. Other than Doris Hare replacing Cicely Courtneidge as Mrs Butler, it was business as usual at the Luxton & District Traction Company with Stan opening the second season with a crafty bit of shopping when he's on his usual route...

Family Flu (25m24s): And the reason Stan's doing the shopping? Olive and his mum are in bed with the flu and he and Arthur are looking after the place, taking care of the patients and even holding down their normal shifts at work. Hoping that a change will do them good, they go off to stay with Stan's Aunt Maud, leaving Stan behind, who hopes, with Jack, to host a party for the clippies at the Butler home. But then Stan feels like he's got a temperature coming on...

The Used Combination (25m39s): When Arthur looks to get his old motorbike and sidecar on the road, he needs Stan and Jack to sneak a few tools out of the depot but Blakey's watching out for them. Not that they make it difficult for him, mind, given that they've each got a two-foot tool down their trousers...er, shifting spanners, that is.

Self Defence (25m34s): Each Saturday night, the football and pub crowds make life for the bus crews difficult and Stan and Jack refuse to go back out until Blakey sorts something out for them. But when Blakey, a black belt in karate no less, comes back with the idea of self-defence classes, they're less than enthusiastic until, that is, Doris and Iris sign up.

Aunt Maud (25m16s): Stan Butler doesn't have much of a much home life living with his mother, sister and brother-in-law but he cherishes what he has. He's less than happy then when his Aunt Maud comes to stay bringing what she calls her little dog with her. But Maud's little dog is not so little any more and Stan's less than happy when he's told to give up his bed and bunk up with Arthur who, to add insult to injury, has eaten pickled onions for tea.

Late Again (25m09s): Stan is back on the early shift, which would be difficult enough but he's also got a new girlfriend (Kate Williams) - a much younger one, you'll not be surprised to hear - who keeps him up late at night. But tired of being woken up by Stan's alarm clock, Arthur makes it a little bit quieter, which Stan snoozes through undisturbed. The problem is that Blakey's aware of the problem and is waiting patiently for Stan to roll in to the depot, which he does...still in his pyjamas.

Bon Voyage (25m26s): Stan is planning a well-earned holiday in Spain with Jack but they don't want to appear on the beaches with their pale, bus driver's skin. But where better than to pick up a tan than in the cemetery at the end of their route but as they lie in the grass sunbathing, their uniforms go missing. Not only will it be tricky getting back to the depot but even when they do, there'll be hell to pay when Blakey finds out.

Otherwise, everything that was written for the first season is equally relevant for this one - there are no extras, the picture is fairly ordinary and the mono soundtrack is marginally better. The image does, however, look to be a little bit sharper than it did on the The Complete First Series set but his is probably due more to any behind-the-scenes improvements during the production of the show than anything that Network can claim responsibility for. But credit is still due to Network for their release of this second series of On The Buses, which, like the first season, is sure to be appreciated in a surprising number of British households.

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