Casino Royale? Is it really a "royale" disaster waiting to happen?

Speaking as a loyal James Bond fan, I’m finally relieved that another film has finally started filming. Sadly, we say goodbye to Pierce Brosnan, who has performed so well in the role since Goldeneye. Looking back, it is sometimes easy to compare him to the great performances of Sean Connery. Many say Connery is the best, many say Brosnan is – I don’t really care honestly. They both played the role well so I can’t complain about it. With Brosnan out, we need a new Bond and fellow British actor, Daniel Craig steps in. He’s an excellent actor and he’s proved himself worthy in the role in films such as Layer Cake, Enduring Love, Road to Perdition and most recently Munich. Yes, he’s the right sort of actor for the job. You have Paul Haggis polishing up the script. You have Martin Campbell returning to Bond directing duties, having last directed Goldeneye. Cause for celebration? Well, at the moment, no. As much as I like to say hooray and party like a party animal, something has been increasingly worrying about Casino Royale

Why is there a vicious backlash against this film?

I’m talking about the backlash caused by people, who have yet to even see a single frame, hear a single line, or anything to do with Casino Royale. From the announcement, people have been spitting venom with regard to the choice of casting. I’ve heard the moans and groans about how Clive Owen should have been the next Bond. Personally, I’m sick to death of hearing them. I’m not going to deny that Owen would have been a good choice for Bond but what I will say is the fact he was never seemed interested in the role in the first place. He squirmed under pressure when he was always interviewed about the role and had always expressed that he wasn’t keen to be typecast. Let’s also bear in mind his career has been steadily increasing with his Oscar nomination for Closer. Owen is in the new Spike Lee movie, Inside Man and also has numerous projects in development. With all that in mind, do you still think that Owen would have taken the role even if the producers wheeled in several trucks of money outside his house? I truly doubt it.

So, now I can move away from the Owen lovers and focus on what has really bugged me about the opinions of Casino Royale. The fact that most people have already made their minds up on it. Their general verdict without seeing anything is that it’s going to be shit.

I’ve heard all the complaints about the changing of the story of Flemings book to modernise it. I’ve heard all the liberal loyalists seethe with anger about the changing of the card game to make it Texas Hold ’em, which I do enjoy playing by the way. Let’s not forget, there’s been the mocking of Craig’s charisma as Bond by the media such as Craig wearing the lifejacket on the motorboat to announce his casting and even the recent filming incident where he lost a tooth in a fight scene while filming. All pretty standard bouts of poking fun really. But that’s what the media write about most times when there isn’t anything to report, they slag off and slander people just to sell a newspaper nowadays so it isn’t expected. So it begs the question, why on earth am I angry about this opposition to the film and also to the casting of Craig?

Do you want to know what draws the line? It’s a pathetic example of stupid egotistical, apparently loyal James Bond fans who have set up a site demanding the halt of production of Casino Royale and the removable of Daniel Craig as Bond. Why? Because he’s blonde!? Because he doesn’t look so suave and debonair as Brosnan!? Because he plays roguish characters that doesn’t match the role of James Bond!? Is it because the dream film of Tarantino will never ever take place now since the producers have gone their own path? It looks like it’s a combination of all these reasons.

Personally, I’m all for personal opinion. I defend my personal opinion that I still enjoy Steven Seagal movies, despite they mostly crap. But it is this line of opposition to Daniel Craig as Bond that has just sickened me. No one has given him the chance to show what he can do with the role. No one has waited for the film to finish filming and already people are declaring the verdict on it already. This is insane. Very insane. I think most true loyal James Bond fans are, just like me, sickened with this declared boycott of the film. You support the films because of the escapism it provides, the quality entertainment, the visual entertainment of the super spy defeating evil regardless of casting. Regardless of the man playing Bond, these films have worked. So honestly, you don’t throw your arms up in a kiddie tantrum when casting never goes your way or when you can’t accept the fact that the Brosnan era is over, it’s time to go forward with Craig. Either accept it, or don’t bother calling yourself a James Bond fan because the way fans have reacted is a crying shame and I can’t stress how sickened I am about what some “loyal” fans are doing. Craig is an excellent actor and I believe he will do the role justice. I’ll be honest and say that I can’t be certain because I seen the film yet. So I’m going to have to wait until November to decide like all open minded Bond fans should do.

Last updated: 17/06/2018 18:52:32

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