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Paul Morrissey's Flesh For Frankenstein & Blood for Dracula in May

Tartan Video have announced the UK DVD release Paul Morrissey's Flesh For Frankenstein and Blood For Dracula on 22nd May 2006 priced at £19.99 each. Take a trip back to the 70s with long-time Warhol collaborator, Paul Morrissey. Having been brought on board to bring a new direction to Warhol’s film projects, he became the godfather of indie underground film-making, blending stylish realism, exploitative, experimental spontaneity, and sexually explicit content. After Flesh, Trash and Heat, he leaves the world of pimps and hustlers as he turns to the happy haunting ground of gothic horror to for his own unique interpretation of two scream legends. Tartan Video, in close association with Paul Morrissey, gives you chance to walk on the terrifying but titillating side of life.

Flesh For Frankenstein (1973)
Morrissey regular Joe Dallesandro moves from beauty to the beast in this retelling of the classic story. Baroness Frankenstein entertains the local stud whilst her hubby carries on his experiments in his lab. The Baron is determined to make a bride for his creation but fails to find all the body parts, and when his wife takes a shine to the monster, it’s more than his libido that goes on the rampage. German horror legend Udo Kier stars as The Baron.

DVD extras include: commentary by Paul Morrissey, Udo Kier and film historian Maurice Yacovar ; screen tests, production stills; including BBFC, Morrissey and the Horror Genre booklet by BBFC’s senior examiner, Craig Lapper

Blood For Dracula (1974)
A revamping of our fanged favourite. Dracula needs virgin blood to keep him alive, and travelling to Italy, he finds not one but four lusty victims. However, he soon discovers that only one of them is as pure as they claim. Can he get to her before the lusty communist farmhand. Gory and titillating, it’s also a delicious dark satire on consumerism and the class system. Bite into the fun and savour every moment. Udo Keir dons the cape and fangs whilst Dallesandro wields his trusty libido.

DVD extras include: commentary by Paul Morrissey, Udo Kier and film historian Maurice Yacobar; screen tests, production stills; and includes original press reviews and booklet by Ben Cobb

Both discs have anamorphic mono presentation (1.85:1).

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