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Roald Dahl's Tales of The Unexpected Series 1 in March

Network have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Roald Dahl's Tales of The Unexpected - The Complete First Series for 13th March 2006 priced at £19.99. Although Roald Dahl is most famous for his children’s books including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach and The Twits, he was also an accomplished writer of adult fiction. Network release the first series of this literary master’s most famous and sinister adult creation adapted for TV - Roald Dahl’s Tales of the Unexpected, on 13th March 2006 in a two-disc set.

First transmitted on ITV1 in 1979, the programme’s iconic title sequence and haunting theme tune created by prolific TV composer Ron Grainer ensured that Tales of the Unexpected would be a memorable experience for viewers. Each episode was a stand alone story and features Oscar™ winning actors such as Sir John Gielgud (Arthur, Becket) and Jose Ferrer (Cyrano de Bergerac, Joan of Arc) and other talented performers like Joan Collins (Dynasty), Peter Bowles (Rumpole of the Bailey) and Brian Blessed (Flash Gordon). Each episode had a ‘twist in the tale’ which not only entertained but more often than not also enthralled and shocked the public, making Tales of the Unexpected the water cooler TV programme of its day. Sometimes shocking but always surprising, Tales of the Unexpected the Complete First Series contains all nine episodes from the programme’s first run. Further series will be released later in the year.

Episode Listing

Man from the South
The flamboyant stranger goads a young sailor into taking a frightening bet while on holiday in Jamaica. The stakes are high. He could win an expensive car or lose a finger. What will be the outcome of this gruesome gamble, and who is the mysterious woman with a macabre secret?
Starring Pamela Stephenson, Jose Ferrer and Cyril Luckham
Dramatised by Kevin Goldstein-Jackson
Directed by Michael Tuchner
Original ITV Transmission 24 March 1979

Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's Coat
Mrs Bixby has been having an affair with a wealthy retired hunting colonel. When the colonel decides to end the affair, he gives her a beautiful mink coat. But how can she explain the gift to her husband without arousing his suspicions?
Starring Julie Harris, Michael Hordern and Richard Greene
Dramatised by Ronald Harwood
Directed by Simon Langton
Original ITV Transmission 31 March 1979

William and Mary
Mary is the bossed and bullied wife of William, a brilliant but dominating academic. Even after his death he plans to dominate her life by persuading an eminent neurosurgeon to perform a macabre and sensational experiment. But Mary is determined to hold on to her freedom.
Starring Marius Goring and Elaine Stritch
Dramatised by Ronald Harwood
Directed by Donald McWhinnie
Original ITV Transmission 7 April 1979

Lamb to the Slaughter
A distraught pregnant wife arrives home to find her policeman husband strangely murdered. A colleague called in to investigate the killing is baffled. What mysterious weapon did the killer use to batter in the dead man's skull? And why can't it be found?
Starring Brian Blessed, Susan George and Michael Byrne
Dramatised by Robin Chapman
Directed by John Howard Davies
Original ITV Transmission 14 April 1979

The Landlady
Billy Weaver is delighted with his digs but he gradually gets an uneasy feeling about the place. The last two guests signed in over two years ago. Why has no one stayed there since?
Starring Siobhan McKenna and Leonard Preston
Dramatised by Robin Chapman
Directed by Herbert Wise
Original ITV Transmission 21 April 1979

The rich, beautiful and seductive Lady Turton rules her husband Sir Basil with a rod of iron. She flaunts her lovers in front of him, but Sir Basil and his disapproving butler Jelks see the perfect chance to get their revenge...
Starring Michael Aldridge, Joan Collins, Sir John Gielgud and Peter Bowles
Dramatised by Robin Chapman
Directed by Christopher Miles
Original ITV Transmission 28 April 1979

Edward the Conqueror
Louisa takes in a strange cat against the wishes of her husband Edward. She believes the creature is a re-incarnation of the composer Franz Liszt. Her infatuation with the cat becomes an obsession and Edward feels threatened by it's powerful hold over her...
Starring Joseph Cotten and Wendy Hiller
Dramatised by Ronald Harwood
Directed by Rodney Bennett
Original ITV Transmission 5 May 1979

A Dip in the Pool
A tourist on his way home from Europe on a trans-atlantic liner stakes all on a last desperate gamble in the auction pool, betting how far the ship will travel by noon the following day. But his plan to scoop the jackpot looks doomed when there is a sudden change in the weather. Somehow he must slow the ship down...
Starring Jack Weston. Gladys Spencer and Michael Troughton
Dramatised by Ronald Harwood
Directed by Michael Tuchner
Original ITV Transmission 12 May 1979

The Way Up To Heaven
Mrs Foster is the worried wife who has a neurotic fear of not being punctual. Her trip to America to see her daughter and grandchild looks doomed after a series of delays. Her husband seems to delight in adding to her frustration, but events take a mysterious turn...
Starring Julie Harris and Roland Culver
Dramatised by Ronald Harwood
Directed by Simon Langton
Original ITV Transmission 19 May 1979

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