DVD Times: Past, Present and Future

As DVD Times approaches the end of it's fifth year, it's time to look back at the site and find ways of improving in the future. We're at a new turning point in the world of home entertainment; it was just seven years ago that DVD made a debut and in that time it has become the fastest growing media format of all time and outstripped all expectations.

DVD Times launched in February 1999 - and has developed massively in many ways. Initially a simple static website which required hours of administration every day just to get the content online, plans were quickly made to develop the technology behind the site making it as dynamic and enveloping as possible. User interaction has always been a massive influence on DVD Times - through both early features such as our 'Bargain Finder' and 'Disc Database' through to content comments and of course our sister site - The DVD Forums. We try our hardest to respond to reader suggestions and ideas to make the site one that everyone enjoys to visit.

Over the past six years DVD Times has become a respected, and often quoted source. We have received universally good press and our links and contacts within the film (and television) industries continue to grow. Our team strive to push the site in new directions through our features and aren't afraid to move away from concensus and air their own views. It often surprises us when readers comment that reviews should be objective and unbiased - that's the one thing that reviews should never, ever be. Who wants to read some bland, un-emotive discussion of the latest Hollywood 'blockbuster'? I personally would much rather read something passionate, written with real interest and zeal - even if I do disagree with the conclusions.

We've had our ups and downs - but thanks to the support of our early contributors the site has always had excellent content. We've seen contributors come and go, but each and every member of the team, past and present, has spent many hours writing detailed reviews of the latest films and DVDs. We like to think of ourselves as a site that places just as much emphasis on the films as we do on the DVDs and try to ensure that our reviews stay up there at the front of the pack in terms of quality, quantity and depth.

The next twelve months will be interesting - with HD-DVD and Blu-Ray nearly ready to hit the shelves (the first Blu-Ray compatible hardware is expected in March), are the DVD format's days numbered? Or, will these new formats become the 'Laserdiscs' of the digital generation, used only by the few people with enough disposable income to invest in all the high-definition hardware needed? Time will tell, but you can rest assured that DVD Times will continue to focus and develop on the areas we feel most suitable and interesting for you.

Last updated: 19/04/2018 06:37:20

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