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New World Cinema label - Terra - Launches in March

A new World Cinema label by the name of Terra will launch in the UK in March, followed by a launch in America a few months later. Described as an exciting new DVD label specialising in “World Cinema with Attitude” (groan…) Terra will be bringing to the UK and American market titles from around the world that deal with horror, suspense, mystery, supernatural elements and chills.

The initial string of titles is however predominantly focused on Japanese titles with the first release due on 20th March 2006. All titles will retail at £15.99. Full synopses follow though we only have disc specs for the initial release, which sadly aren’t all that promising…

The Suicide Manual: Intermediate Level
Original Japanese Title: “Jisatsu Manyuara 2: Chuukyuu-hen”

Release Date: 20TH March

This controversial film is based on the highly successful book “Kanzen Jisatsu Manyuaru” by Wataru Tsurumi. Extras on the disc include both the UK and original Japanese trailer, plus some behind the scenes footage. The main feature will be presented in 4:3 Letterbox with Japanese audio (DD2.0) and English subtitles.

Directed by Yûichi Onuma (“The Last Supper”).
Cast includes :
Nozomi Andô (“The Suicide Manual”; “Tomie: The Final Chapter – Forbidden Fruit” & “Gamera 3”)
Yuuko Daike (“Zatoichi”; “Dolls”; “Ju-on”; “Ju-on 2”; “Kikujiro” & “Hana-bi”)
Yoichiro Saito (“St John’s Wort” & “Tokyo Eyes”)

This chilling thriller was almost banned in Japan for breaking the ultimate taboo – a portrayal of suicide.

A mysterious DVD containing suicide tips if found on the bodies of the rising number of people killing themselves.

A young girl called Nozomi (played by Nozomi Andô ), falls under the spell of a deadly cult believed to be involved with these deaths. Yosuke, (played by Yoichiro Saito ), the policeman she is dating, soon becomes embroiled in investigating the truth behind the cult and it’s links with the instructional DVD.

The following months see the release of the following titles:

Release Date: 24TH April

You will experience the palpable feeling of terror and all encompassing sense of claustrophobia as you watch this intense exercise in basic fear and dread.

TERRA are very pleased to announce that this title will premiere with a screening of the the film at the Dead By Dawn festival on 23rd April.

Directed, Produced, Written, Photographed, Edited & Art Directed by Shinya Tsukamoto (“Tetsuo, The Iron Man”; “Tetsuc II: The Body Hammer”; “Tokyo Fist”; “Bullet Ballet” & “A Snake of June”.

Cast Includes:
Shinya Tsukamoto
Kaori Fujii (“Tokyo Fist”)

A unnamed man wakes up to find himself locked in a tiny, cramped unlit concrete space, in which he can hardly move.
Why is he there and where did he come from. All we know is that he has a terrible stomach injury and is slowly bleeding to death. He begins to explore the narrow confines of his maze-like prison. Horrible visions of hell wait for him at each end of the space.

Terra is planning to add a raft of extras to this release.

Original Japanese Title: “Gusha no Bindume”
Literal Translation: “Gusher no Binds Me”
Alternate Title: “The Bottled Fools”

Release Date: 22nd May

A unique and intense psychological vision of the future.

Awarded the Most Groundbreaking Film Award at Fantasia Film Film Festival

Produced & Directed by Hiroki Yamaguchi (“Midnight Viscera”)

Cast includes:
Luchinio Fujisaki
Masato Tsujioka (“A Snake of June”, “Suicide Club”, “Blindbeast vs Dwarf” & “Hell”)
Ikuma Saisho

Set almost entirely in the claustrophic transport elevator between towns stacked on top of one another, where a hellish scenario unfolds. The postmodern masses that squeeze into this public transport system are Cell-phone addicted businessmen, a child with a human brain as a pet, leather clad law enforcers and a 17 year old schoolgirl with psychic abilities. They are joined by a pair of convicted homicidal rapists, and soon the order of society is torn apart. Outbursts of excessive violence and utter bloody chaos take over.

Original Japanese Title: “Kamen Gakuen”

Release Date: 19th June

This psychological mystery thriller deals with issue of identity and the struggle for individuality in modern day Japan. Based on the novel by Osamu Soda.
Directed by Takashi Komatsu

Cast includes:
Tatsuya Fujiwara (“Battle royale” & “Battle Royale II”)
Maya Kurosu
Ikkei Watanabe

Yuki Kawamura and mitsugi Ashihara are students at the private Koyokan High School. One day they receive an e-mail invitation to a “mask” party from the quiet and introverted classmate from their old middle school.

Strange things start to happen at their school, as pupils start to don masks and take on new persona’s. This fashion appeals to the twin desires of anonymity and to be someone else, and quickly becomes a social phenomenon.

then pupils start to die, and so Yuki and Mitsugu begin to investigate the circumstances behind the deaths. They soon encounter a youth obsessed with making strange and beautiful masks, and are drawn into his mysterious world.

Kirei: The Terror of Beauty
Original Japanese Title: “Ki-re-I?”
Literal Translation: “Beau-ti-ful?”

Release Date: 24th July

A dark psychological thriller in the plastic surgery tradition of “Nip/Tuck”

Written & Directed by Katsuya Matsumura (“All Night Long” series of films).

Cast includes:
Yukiko Okamoto
Miki Asakura
Fumina Hara (“The Last Supper”)
Asuka Kurosawa (“A Snake of June”)
Kouta Kusano

Yoko Noguchi is already an established plastic surgeon of some repute, and the owner of her own clinic, whilst still in her twenties. The combination of her skill and her beautiful face are the keys to her success.

One late night she is visited by a mysterious woman called Yoshie, who wants to be operated on in private and will pay a huge fee to facilitate this request. She wants to look beautiful. After a successful course of surgery, she returns with more money demanding further operations.

Yoko is gradually driven to the edge by the incessant demands of Yoshie. Life becomes an intense struggle to keep her career and her life.

Keizoku: Unsolved Cases
Original Japanese Title: “Keizoku / Eiga”
Literal Translation: “Keizoku - The Movie”

Release Date: 21st August

A Dark mystery thriller with surrealistic overtones.

Official selection for the Milan International Film Festival.

Directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi (“Black Jack” & “Black Jack II”).

Cast includes:
Miki Nakatani (“When the Last Sword is Drawn”; “Ring”; “Ring 2” & “Chaos”).
Atsuro Watabe
Shigeru Izumiya
Raita Ryu

The trail of an unsolved murder case, involving internal police corruption, leads new young female police chief Jun shibata to a remote island. Here the daughter of a couple, who were murdered under mysterious circumstances on a passenger boat, executes her revenge on the remaining survivors.

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