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The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe (R1) in April

Buena Vista Home Entertainment have announced the Region 1 DVD release of The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe for 4th April 2006. Walt Disney Pictures’ third highest grossing live-action film of all time will be available as a Single-Disc DVD ($29.99 SRP) and 2-Disc Collector’s Edition DVD ($34.99 SRP). The Special Edition takes viewers on a deeper adventure into the world of Narnia with nearly ten hours of bonus features – including a behind-the-scenes tour with the film’s child stars, director’s diary, ‘cinematic storytellers’ film diaries, multiple audio commentaries, 3-D map, interactive timeline, featurettes on the creatures and much more. The “Narnia” DVD production team worked with the filmmakers from the very start of the film’s production, resulting in exclusive, never-before-seen bonus features that deliver unprecedented access into this cinematic blockbuster.

Feature Presentation

The Single-Disc release will be available in separate Widescreen and Full Screen versions, while the Two-Disc Collector’s Edition is Widescreen only. Both offer a 5.1 Home Theatre Mix, and 5.1 DTS Digital Surround Sound, with language options in English, French and Spanish (audio and subtitles).

Single-Disc Extras

  • Bloopers Of Narnia

  • Discover Narnia Fun Facts
    With this feature engaged, viewers can access optional pop-up facts about C.S. Lewis, the creatures and lands of Narnia, and more. Plus, there is an introduction by author C.S. Lewis’s step-son Douglas Gresham.

  • Kids And Director Commentary
    The delightful child stars Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes, William Moseley and Anna Popplewell had just screened the film for the first time when they recorded this audio commentary. The result is a fresh, witty and lively commentary track, joined by director Andrew Adamson.

  • Filmmaker’s Commentary
    This audio commentary features Director Andrew Adamson, Production Designer Roger Ford, and Producer Mark Johnson.

  • Original, Exclusive Menus

    The Special Two-Disc Collector’s Edition DVD

    This deluxe DVD features nearly ten hours of bonus materials, with collectible art and special wardrobe packaging.

    Disc 1: - All of the bonus features from the single-disc DVD.

    Disc 2: Two Worlds Of Narnia

    An in-depth look at this cinematic masterpiece.

  • Chronicle Of A Director
    This personal diary takes viewers on a tour of the film from director Andrew Adamson’s point of view. Viewers can sit in the director’s chair with the director as he brings his skill, artistry and unique imagination to the film.

  • The Children's Magical Journey
    Viewers will be delighted with this “behind-the-scenes” tour, led by the film’s charming child stars Georgie, Skandar, William and Anna. Here is a fresh and fun look at making the film, with wonderful moments including the children’s surprise first look at the amazing ‘Narnia’ sets.

  • Anatomy Of The Scene: The Melting River
    This featurette goes in-depth to explore the making of the exciting and pivotal ‘waterfall’ scene. Viewers are taken to the set of a remarkable in-door river, where the children and crew make this complicated scene work. Viewers will learn how effects and shots from different countries are put together to get the final scene just right.

  • Cinematic Storytellers
    Eight different film diaries, from eight different members of the film team, give viewers a personal and heartfelt look at every step of the film’s production. Recorded as the film was being made, the personal film diaries of ‘Cinematic Storytellers’ are fresh, candid and unique perspectives on an epic film. Producer Mark Johnson, Production Designer Roger Ford, Costume Designer Isis Mussenden, Editor Sim Evan-Jones, Composer Harry Gregson-Williams, KNB Effects Group co-founder and Makeup Effects wizard Howard Berger, Weta Workshop Visualist and Creative Supervisor Richard Taylor, and Director of Photography Donald M. McAlpine each contribute their insights about the production.

  • C.S. Lewis: From One Man's Mind
    This featurette is a fond look at C.S. Lewis, the creative dreamer and best-selling author who wrote The Chronicles of Narnia and created the world of Narnia.

  • Creating Creatures
    Viewers can learn the movie secrets behind eleven creatures from the film, including Jadis the White Witch and Aslan. From initial creative sketches to sculpting, molding, rendering, and final realization, each creature is showcased in an easy-access menu. Featured are: The White Witch, Aslan, Ginarrbrik, Mr. Tumnus, Wolves, Minotaurs, Goblins, Beavers, Satyrs, Ankle Slicers and Centaurs. This feature offers a special wardrobe icon which when accessed takes viewers to the real-life biographies of the creatures in the ‘Creatures of the World’ portion of the DVD.

    Meet all the strange creatures that fill Narnia, and explore the wondrous landscapes of this far-off land.

  • Creatures Of The World
    This is the companion feature to the “Creating Creatures” feature. Here viewers will discover fantastic biographies on The White Witch, Aslan, Ginarrbrik, Mr. Tumnus, Wolves, Minotaurs, Goblins, Beavers, Satyrs, Ankle Slicers and Centaurs.

  • Explore Narnia (3D Map)
    Viewers can explore Narnia’s magical realms with this unique interactive map.

  • Legends In Time
    This special timeline acts as a portal to take viewers through Narnia.

    © Disney. All Rights Reserved.

    © Disney. All Rights Reserved.

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