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7 Classic Catalogue Titles from Warner in March

Warner Home Video have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of seven classic catalogue titles for March...

13th March 2006

Wait Until Dark (1967) - £15.99 – Audrey Hepburn was nominated for a Best Actress Academy Award® for her performance as terrorized blind woman Susy Hendrix in the tense 1967 thriller WAIT UNTIL DARK directed by Terence Young, co-starring Alan Arkin and based on the long-running Broadway play.

Special Features:
  • A Look in the Dark Featurette
  • 2 Theatrical Trailers

Who’s That Girl (1987) - £15.99 - Madonna stars in WHO'S THAT GIRL as Nikki Finn, a woman who has just been released from prison after serving four years for a crime she didn't commit. When Nikki's lawyer Louden Trott (Griffin Dunne) comes to drive her home from the penitentiary, she hijacks the uptight attorney to help her find the real culprit.
Now, harassed by the police and hunted by killers the two careen through the city on a madcap quest to find the person guilty of the crime for which Nikki served the time.

Conduct Unbecoming (1975) - £15.99 – Conduct Unbecoming is based on the stage play by Barry England and boasts a stellar cast in an epic historical drama that will keep you in suspense until the shocking climax. A beautiful widow (Susannah York) is brutally attacked by one of the new officers of a British regiment stationed in colonial India. In a desperate bid to prevent a public scandal, the superior officers Richard Attenborough, Trevor Howard, Stacy Keach, and Christopher Plummer undertake a Court Martial. Can an idealistic young officer (Michael York) defend the accused attacker (James Faulkner), even if it means shattering the military's, and his own, code of honour?

20th March 2006

Doc Hollywood (1991) - £15.99 - Michael J. Fox stars as young, brash and brilliant Dr. Benjamin Stone, who completes his residency and heads out on a road trip to California for fun, sun and lots of money as a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. But his plan turns to chaos when Dr. Stone takes an unforeseen detour in Grady, South Carolina.
Then the young doctor meets a beautiful ambulance driver who makes him forget Beverly Hills in this romantic comedy about finding love where you least expect it.

The Accidental Tourist (1988) - £15.99 - When Macon Leary's (William Hurt) wife, Sarah (Kathleen Turner), leaves him, Macon withdraws even further into his protected world. But an event that Macon did not plan and cannot control occurs: He breaks his leg. Now into his well-ordered life enters plucky, outgoing dog trainer Muriel Pritchett (Geena Davis), who determinedly opens Macon's closed life to endless new possibilities. But when Sarah returns, Macon must choose between going back ... or forward. Geena Davis won an Academy Award® for Best Supporting Actress and the film was nominated for three other Awards including Best Picture.
Special Features:
  • Introduction by Director Lawrence Kasdan
  • Audio commentary by Geena Davis
  • It’s Like Life Featurette
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Trailers

27th March 2006

42nd Street (1933) - £15.99 - The film that launched the Golden Age of Hollywood musicals, 42nd STREET traces the creation of a Broadway show from its first casting call through its blockbuster opening night--when the leading lady twists her ankle and a young chorus girl (Ruby Keller) takes her place and becomes a star. Starring Ruby Keeler and Dick Powell, featuring Ginger Rogers and choreography by musical legend Busby Berkley.
Special Features:
  • Henry Warren: America's Foremost Composer Featurette
  • Trip Through a Hollywood Studio Featurette
  • Hollywood Newsreel Featurette
  • Trailer

The Unbearable Lightness of Being (Special Edition) - £19.99 HMV Exclusive - ased on the best selling novel by Milan Kundera.In 1960s Czechoslovakia, Tomas (Daniel Day-Lewis), an oversexed Prague surgeon, marries Tereza (Juliette Binoche), a beautiful, waiflike country girl. Even though he has taken a vow of fidelity, Tomas continues his wanton womanizing, notably with his mistress Sabina (Lena Olin). Escaping the 1968 Russian invasion of Prague by heading for Geneva, Switzerland, Sabina takes up with another man. Meanwhile, Tomas, who previously had been interested only in sex, becomes politicized by the fall of Dubcek and the collapse of the Czech leader's unique brand of limited democracy within the communist system.
Special Features:
  • Audio commentary by director/screenwriter Philip Kaufman, screenwriter Jean-Claude Carriere, co-star Lena Olin and editor Walter Murch
  • Emotional History: The Making Of The Unbearable Lightness of Being
  • Theatrical Trailer

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