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NoShame Films Explores the Horrors of War in January

NoShame Films have announced the Region 1 DVD release of two commanding films about lives during wartime that viewers will find unlikely to ever forget. Available from 31st January 2006 priced at $29.95 each are...

Academy Award nominees Richard Burton and Marcello Mastroianni star in the true life WWII drama from the director of TOMBSTONE


Special edition 2-disc DVD with never-before-seen exclusive extras!

Torn from the pages of history comes the true account of one of the most devastating massacres in the chronicles of modern warfare.

March 1944. With the fortunes of war turning against the Third Reich, Nazi-occupied Rome is a hotbed of dissent and reaction from the growing resistance movement. When the Roman underground ambushes a column of SS military police, killing 33, the German High Command orders the execution of 10 Roman citizens for each of its fallen soldiers.

Massacre in Rome unites two of the greatest cinema icons of the 1960s. Marcello Mastroianni (LA DOLCE VITA, 8½) stars as Roman priest Pietro Antonelli, ordered by the Pope to collaborate with Nazi Lt. Colonel Herbert Kappler (Richard Burton, of WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? and THE ROBE), charged by Hitler with the duty of rounding up 330 civilians for execution. Dedicated to pacifism, Antonelli must choose whether to defy the Pope’s orders and aid the resistance or remain true to his vows and watch his countrymen slaughtered by the SS.

This Carlo Ponti production was the second film by director George Pan Cosmatos (TOMBSTONE, RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II) and benefits from a tense, searing score from Oscar-nominated composer Ennio Morricone and a literate, fact-based script from Robert Katz, adapting his book. Massacre in Rome was filmed by veteran Italian cameraman Marcello Gatti (THE BATTLE OF ALGIERS) on location at the site of one of history’s most heinous war crimes.

Digitally remastered from the original 35mm interpositive, this deluxe 2-disc DVD from NoShame Films is presented in its original aspect ratio, in both English and Italian with improved English subtitles.

  • Introduction by Director of Photography Marcello Gatti (5 mins aprox)
  • Original Italian Theatrical Trailer
  • Original English Theatrical Trailer
  • Poster and Still Gallery

    DISC 2
  • George P. Cosmatos on… – Interview with Director Cosmatos (8 mins. aprox.)
  • Lensing a Massacre – Interview with Director of Photography Marcello Gatti (20 mins)
  • Amarcord Marcello – Interview with Star Marcello Mastroianni (aprox 20 mins)
  • The True Story Behind the Massacre – Interview with real-life Partisan Mario Fiorentini (20 mins. aprox)
  • Fight for Freedom – Interview with real-life partisan Rosario Bentivegna (20 mins. aprox)
  • The Facts, the Lies, the Victims – Interview with historian Sandro Portelli (20 mins aprox)

    An international all-star cast brings the controversial classic novel to life!


    Includes exclusive CD soundtrack of Ennio Morricone’s score!

    BEAU GESTE meets WAITING FOR GODOT in Valerio Zurlini’s haunting adaptation of renowned Italian writer Dino Buzzati’s controversial 1938 novel about life, honor, mystery, paranoia and death during wartime.

    Infantry lieutenant Drogo (Jacques Perrin) is stationed at a remote desert garrison on the mist-shrouded border of the North Kingdom. Filling their days with endless drilling, the soldiers of Fortezza Bastiano spend the long nights wondering about an enemy no one has ever seen. As the days stretch into months, the strain of waiting for attack takes its toll on Drago’s comrades.

    Rarely screened outside Europe since its 1976 premiere, The Desert of the Tartars was the last film made by director Valerio Zurlini before his death in 1982, and features a legendary international cast including Vittorio Gasman (BIG DEAL ON MADONNA STREET), Giuliano Gemma (DAY OF ANGER), Max Von Sydow (THE EXORCIST), Jean-Louis Trintignant (THE CONFORMIST), Philippe Noiret (CINEMA PARADISO), Fernando Rey (THE FRENCH CONNECTION), and Francisco Rabal (SORCERER), with a subdued, evocative score by Oscar-nominated composer Ennio Morricone (THE UNTOUCHABLES, ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST)

    A multi-national co-production, The Desert of the Tartars makes atmospheric use of Iran’s 2000 year-old Bam Citadel, where Zurlini and crew filmed on the eve of the 1979 revolution that changed world politics forever. As timely now as the day it was made, The Desert of the Tartars is a study of the madness of warfare in the tradition of ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT and APOCALYPSE NOW.

    And as a special added bonus, NoShame’s DVD for THE DESERT OF THE TARTARS includes Ennio Morricone's haunting orchestral score as an exclusive bonus disc for this DVD special collector’s edition.

    For The Desert of the Tartars the prolific Morricone has written one of his most atypical yet unforgettable film scores. Recently discovered in the EMI vaults, the stereo master tape prepared for the now rare 1976 soundtrack album has been utilized for this commemorative CD, digitally restored and remastered.

  • Introduction by Director of Photography Luciano Tovoli (5 Mins. Aprox)
  • Ghosts of the Desert – Interview with Director of Photography Luciano Tovoli (30 Mins.)
  • The Most Important Role of My Life – Vintage interview with Star Giuliano Gemma (3 Mins)
  • Memories from the Fortress – Interview with Giuliano Gemma (6 mins)
  • Original Italian Theatrical Trailer
  • Poster and Still Gallery

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