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The Adventures Of Superman Season 1 (R2) in January

Warner Home Video have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of The Adventures Of Superman: The Complete First Season for 23rd January 2006 priced at £44.99. Never previously available on any home entertainment format, The Adventures Of Superman: The Complete First Season is a slice of TV history that all fans of Superman, superheroes and classic TV will be desperate to get their hands on. Lovers of archive material and rarely-seen Superman footage will be thrilled to find the 1951 theatrical release "Superman And The Mole Men", starring George Reeves, included as the final two episodes of season one and retitled Unknown People Parts 1 & 2.

The Superman story began in June 1938 in issue 1 of Action Comics; the character proved so popular with the pre-war American public that only two years later he had his own radio show starring Bud Collyer. Between 1941 and 1951 Superman featured in a series of theatrical cartoons and two fifteen-chapter movie serials which were followed by the "Superman And The Mole Men" release that is included on this DVD.

Originally aired in 1953, the first ever Superman TV series starred George Reeves as the hero in the famous blue tights and red cape. Special effects were limited to explosions, Superman crashing through walls and of course his trademark flying sequences. Filmed using "invisible" wires, these sequences seem charmingly dated now but could run as long as thirty seconds in the original episodes.

Starring alongside Reeves as Superman's love interest in Season 1 is Phylllis Coates, a renowned beauty who, in her portrayal of a tenacious, determined yet feminine Lois, can be viewed retrospectively as an early standard bearer for women's equality.

Extras on this five-disc set include:

  • Retrospective documentary "Adventures of Superman: From Inkwell to Backlot" - featuring Jack Larson, Leonard Maltin and others.
  • Commentary on four key episodes by Superman chroniclers Gary H. Grossman and Chuck Harter

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