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Argento's The Third Mother in production

After numerous false starts, it seems that The Third Mother, Dario Argento's final part in the Three Mothers trilogy started with Suspiria and Inferno, is finally to become a reality. Details are sketchy at the moment, a recent interview with Argento at Fangoria reveals that it will be a co-production between Europe and the US and will be shot in English. A subsequent piece, also at Fangoria, has revealed the rather worrying news that, in a bid to secure a better chance of reaching the US marketplace, Argento has tapped Adam Gierasch and Jace Anderson, writers of Crocodile and the Toolbox Murders remake, to pen the script. Whether their task is to write the entire screenplay or to simply shore up Argento's notoriously ropey English dialogue (in the earlier interview Argento implied that he himself was writing it) remains to be seen. However, the overall themes of the film, as announced by Argento himself back in December 2003, are known:

"It’s about mysticism, alchemy, terrorism and Gnosticism (a religious movement characterized by a belief in intuitive spiritual knowledge, regarded as a heresy by the Christian church). So many heretics were tortured because of the Church and I’m living all that at the moment and sleeping with difficulty.

It will be set in Rome where we will first see the Mother of Tears/Mater Lachrymorum in medieval times. Because she is the most beautiful and cruel of the three mothers, I’m currently looking at Russian models to play that part. Ana Pieroni (who played the cat-stroking mother in Inferno) will not be reappearing as she now has five kids! It’s been over 20 years since I left the Three Mothers behind and it’s good to go back and explore the story from a retrospective perspective. I’m discovering more about witchcraft than ever before."
(More information at Dark Dreams)

Look out for more news on this project as it becomes available.

UPDATE A recent news post at Dark Dreams reveals that Gierasch and Anderson will be writing the script in conjunction with Argento. The film will be shot in Rome starting in April and former Goblin member Claudio Simonetti (Opera, The Card Player, Jenifer) will compose the score.

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