Robotech: Remastered Extended Edition #2 Review

Because I’ve already covered ADV’s R1 release from a number of months back I shall refer the viewer to this review

Episodes :

Warning Wil Robinson! The following episode guide will contain some spoilers.

Disc 1

Episode 13: Blue Wind
Lisa, Rick, Max and Ben give their report to the chief officers, back onboard the SDF-1. Celebrations are in full swing and the brave pilots receive promotions. Rick sees Minmei again but he feels as though she is changing. Captain Gloval risks bringing the SDF-1 back to Earth.

Episode 14: Gloval's Report
Upon reaching Earth safely, Captain Gloval begins his report that recounts the events up to this point.

Episode 15: Homecoming
The SDF-1 is back home after spending the past two years in outer space. Captain Gloval and Lisa Hayes head out to meet the United Earth Defence Government in a bid to persuade them to conduct negotiations with the Zentraedi. Meanwhile, Rick flies Minmei back to Japan where she is re-united with her family, including her cousin, Kyle.
The civilians living on board the space fortress learn that the government has been keeping the truth about their two-year adventure from the general public, sparking much controversy.

Episode 16: Battle Cry
The crew and civilians onboard the SDF-1 are told they are not to be allowed back on Earth for the time being. Minmei’s cousin, Kyle heads an anti-military movement while Captain Khyron once again leads an attack on the fortress. The SDF-1 hits back, sending Khyron into retreat but Rick Hunter is wounded in the crossfire and crashes his plane in the sea. Ridden with guilt, Lisa Hayes examines her feelings for the young pilot.

Episode 17: Phantasm
Rick is taken to hospital where his condition remains stable but he suffers from delusions in his sleep. During his time unconscious his mind fills with surreal and distorted memories from the past two years. His feelings toward Minmei and Lisa conflict, with no clear outcome.

Episode 18: Farewell, Big Brother
Rick finally wakes up in hospital and as he lays in his bed recovering the Zentraedi are staging another attack, led by Miriya. She has joined the fight primarily to hunt down Max Sterling – one of the most feared pilots and part of Rick’s squadron. Roy Fokker heads out on his last mission that ends tragically.

Disc 2

Episode 19: Bursting Point
Captain Gloval makes a request to the government to safeguard the lives of the citizens of Macross City. The Zentraedi leaders, Azonia and Khyron argue over proceeding matters and Miriya requests to be “micronized” in order to infiltrate the SDF-1. Captain Gloval tests a new barrier-shield weapon upon being attacked again by the Zentraedi fleet. The system causes more carnage than expected, wiping out most of the attacking fleet. Sadly, Ben Dixon is caught in the blast and loses his life.

Episode 20: Paradise Lost
The huge explosion, caused by the barrier-shield system leaves the SDF-1 without a home. Orders are received for the ship to leave Earth once again. In the wake of the last battle, the Zentraedi give Breetai control over the fleet. Bron, Rico and Konda return to the Zentraedi fleet and report their findings from their time spent on the SDF-1. Captain Gloval must tell the citizens of Macross City about the council’s decision. Anger rages until Minmei interjects with a speech.

Episode 21: A New Dawn
Minmei has just completed her first feature film, which is set to be shown onboard the ship. Rick tries to write a letter to Ben Dixon's family, telling them that their son has died in battle. During the film premiere, Breetai and Exodore watch it from their ship. Thinking that the martial arts feature is real they become even more concerned by the power of the “micronians”. Rick and Lisa spend more time together, after watching the film that neither one enjoyed.

Episode 22: Battle Hymn
As the Zentraedi leaders plan their next attack, the soldiers of the fleet become more aware of “micronian” culture and wish to adapt to their way of life. Khyron disobeys orders again and attacks the SDF-1. Minmei is asked to sing during the attack, in the hopes of halting the enemy and distracting the worried citizens.

Episode 23: Reckless
The invaders have made their way into the ship and onto the streets of Macross City. As Khyron orders them to attack they ignore him and break off, searching for Minmei. The SDF-1 crew learns of the genetic similarities between humans and the alien race and Captain Gloval grants asylum to the Zentraedi warriors who now wish to spend their time living with humans.

Episode 24: Showdown
Lisa decides to return to Earth to visit her father. She hopes to persuade him to speak to the council so that they may be able to try and start negotiations with the Zentraedi. Miriya finally meets Max Sterling face to face in an arcade. He challenges her to a game and wins. Finding himself attracted to her he asks her out on a date. Minmei is shocked when Lynn Kyle asks her to marry him in front of an eager press.



Note: Because nothing has changed here in terms of picture and sound quality my comments from the previous release remain the same

Much like its R1 counterpart the series look as good as it could. The clean up process which was done by ADV is fairly successful, with one or two noticeable flaws. While the transfer still exhibits specks of dust and dirt the image is noticeably sharper than ever and colours are particularly strong. However there is a thick amount of Edge Enhancement applied, along with noticeable aliasing. The visible grain is inherent to the original source and doesn’t distract, but the black levels tend to go up and down like a yoyo, which is likely another inherent part of the original animation process.

For sound we get a newly mixed English DD5.1 track. This sounds very solid, with plenty of surround use during the epic battles. The dialogue is nicely distributed to the front speakers and remains clear throughout, while the score is given a good amount of attention also.


Art of Anime (6.02)
Not an essay or introduction to the medium, but a collection of clips and trailers for Manga’s current catalogue.


Robotech continues on in fine form. There are a few moments that distract due to poor editing, which unfortunately is to be expected what with all the heavy tinkering that went on. However the series still delivers in terms of dialogue (albeit a little cheesy at times) and great action. Now that we’re past the middle of this arc we’ve witnessed some sad events and some equally uplifting ones. Now that I have these two volumes out of the way I can get back to normal and provide an proper analysis for volume 3 of this classic series.

8 out of 10
7 out of 10
8 out of 10
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