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War of the Worlds (2005) (R2) in November

Paramount Home Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of War of the Worlds for 14th November 2005 priced at £24.99. Tom Cruise leads an all-star cast on an emotionally riveting and unrelenting thrill ride as a father who fights to save his family from a deadly alien invasion while engaging in an extraordinary battle to preserve the future of humankind. This contemporary retelling of H.G. Wells’ seminal sci-fi classic, War Of The Worlds also stars Dakota Fanning, Miranda Otto, Justin Chatwin and Tim Robbins.

Presented in Anamorphic Widescreen with English DD2.0 Stereo, DD5.1 & DTS 5.1 Surround, French DD5.1 Surround and optional English, French, Spanish, German and Italian subtitles the War of the Worlds Special Edition DVD includes a second disc offering an arsenal of bonus materials:

  • Revisiting The Invasion
    Marking their second film collaboration, Spielberg and Cruise recount their on-set experiences and reveal their approach to telling the personal story at the heart of this epic odyssey.

  • The H.G. Wells Legacy
    A portrait of the acclaimed author with accounts from his family, Spielberg and War of the Worlds screenwriter David Koepp exploring the legacy of H.G. Wells’ classic novel from its initial conception through its various adaptations.

  • Steven Spielberg And The Original War Of The Worlds
    Paying homage to the original film in his own adaptation of the H.G. Wells book, Spielberg invited Gene Barry and Ann Robinson, the stars of the original 1953 film, to make a cameo appearance in War of the Worlds. In this program, Barry and Robinson share their experiences -- past and present -- of filming H.G. Wells’ epic story of alien invasions.

  • Characters: The Family Unit
    Spielberg and Cruise discuss the emotional core of the film: the Ferrier family portrayed by Cruise (Ray Ferrier), Fanning (Rachel Ferrier), Chatwin (Robbie Ferrier) and Otto (Mary Ann, Ray’s ex-wife).

  • Pre-Visualization
    A rare look at Spielberg in pre-production as he designs the film’s action sequences on computer through a process called “pre-visualization,” in which traditional storyboards are animated into 3D digital sequences that depict not only what a scene will look like, but reveal every aspect of a given location, including sets, actors, cameras and crew.

  • Production Diaries: East Coast
    Viewers join the cast and crew on a whirlwind shooting tour of the Eastern Seaboard from Newark and Bayonne to Brooklyn, up the Hudson to Naugatuck, Connecticut, and onto Athens, New York, and ending in eastern Virginia. The diary is in two parts, one highlighting the beginning of the invasion and the second following the Ferrier family into exile.

  • Production Diaries: West Coast
    After a Christmas break, the cast and crew are back on the West Coast for more action filming on dozens of practical locations, as well as six stages spread over three studio lots. This production diary focuses first on the alien destruction and second on the ensuing all-out war between humans and aliens.

  • Designing The Enemy: Tripods And Aliens
    Spielberg and his collaborators discuss the ground-breaking design of his aliens, their machines, and the challenges in bringing H.G. Wells’ vision to life.

  • Scoring War Of The Worlds
    Spielberg and John Williams discuss the score to the film, their 21st collaboration.

  • We Are Not Alone
    Spielberg and his stellar cast and crew offer their closing thoughts about the experience of making War of the Worlds.

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