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Universal Playback TV-to-DVD releases this holiday season

Universal Playback

have announced details of its TV-to-DVD releases for the remainder of 2005.From now until January 2006, Universal Playback will reinforce its cult reputation with the launch of a library-full of new classic TV-to-DVD, boxsets.

Many of the new releases contain never seen before footage, new episodes, extensive bonus material and limited edition packaging, making this season’s releases more covetable than ever.

The Munsters: Season One
This kooky ‘60’s classic, featuring Herman, Lilly, Grandpa, Eddie and Marilyn, will be released for the first time on DVD on the 17th October. Join The Munsters for a full season of over 19 hours of harebrained horror, containing all 38 episodes from the first TV series, plus the unaired colour pilot episode. £34.99

Buck Rogers: Season Two
The year is 2005, and on 31st October Season Two of the story of William Anthony ‘Buck’ Rogers will be launched for the first time on DVD. This four-disc boxset with over 10 hours of programming contains all 13 episodes, featuring Buck’s thrilling adventures in the 25th Century, priced £29.99.

Quantum Leap: Seasons Two & Three
Quantum Leap stars Scott Baukla, as Dr Sam Beckett and Dean Stockwell as Al. Trapped in the past, facing mirror images that aren’t his own Sam Beckett leaps from life to life, driven by an unknown force to put right what went wrong, hoping each time that his next leap will be the leap home. Season Two, released on the 31st October is a six-disc boxset with over 16 hours of programming containing 22 episodes packaged in a special edition, rainbow mirror-board slipcase, priced £34.99. Season Three is released on 12th December.

Sliders: Season Three
Join boy genius Quinn Mallory as he slips from world to world with Wade, Colin and Rembrandt ‘crying Man’ Brown trying to get back to the earth they know. With a fan base that rivals Star Trek, Sliders: Season Three is long awaited. Complete the collection with this six-disc boxset featuring over 16 hours of programming released on 31st October, containing all 24 episodes, priced at £34.99.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season One
The celebrated anthology "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" will be released on DVD on 21st November. This epic 6 disc, 39-episode boxset is the complete series of the legendary TV show that transformed Hitchcock from celebrated film director to TV personality. Each episode sees Hitchcock presenting a short story (by writers such as Dahl and Ambrose Bierce and guest stars include Charles Bronson and Lorne Greene) in his recognisable dry, macabre style - a real treat for Hitchcock fans! £34.99.

Regenesis: Season One
Have We Gone Too Far? ReGenesis, an edgy 21st Century drama, profiles the work of investigation group NorBAC, as it examines misuse of biotechnology; from cloned sheep to GM crops. David Sandstrom (Peter Outerbridge), a hot headed molecular biologist leads his team of dedicated researches seeking to get at the truth. Available for the first time on DVD, on 7th November, this stylishly shot, 13 episode, 4 disc boxset is Priced at £34.99.

Columbo: Season Three
Columbo: Season Three will be available from the 14th November. This Emmy- winning series sees Peter Faulk return once again as the rumpled yet un-beatable super-sleuth. Illustrious guest stars include Martin Sheen, Vincent Price, Deidre Hall, Jackie Cooper and many more. The 4 disc boxset containing 8 episodes is priced at £27.99 with over 11 hours of programming.

Law And Order Franchise
For over a decade, Law & Order has been one of the most successful and critically acclaimed series in the history of television Longest-running police series and second longest running drama series historically on TV. Currently in its 15th season and the record holder for the most consecutive (eleven) best series nominations (tied with "Cheers" and "M*A*S*H").

Law And Order Season Three - Out on 21st November, 6 discs, 22 episodes over 16 hours of programming £44.99.

Out on 21st November, Special Victims Unit Season Two chronicles Detective Elliot Stabler and his partner Olivia Benson, from the New York Police Department Elite squad, as they expose the U.S Army for malpractice in Afghanistan. 22 episodes with over 15 hours of programming in a 6 disc boxset £44.99.

Las Vegas: Season Two the fast paced sexy television series that follows the elite Las Vegas surveillance team charged with maintaining the security of one of "Sin City's" largest resorts and casinos led by commanding Big Ed Deline (James Caan) and his slick, good-looking righthand man, Danny McCoy (Josh Duhamel. Season 2 available to own from the 5th December Follow the fast-paced exploits and action-packed escapades at the Montecito Hotel and Casino with an elite Las Vegas surveillance team,). This 6 disc box set priced £34.99 contains 24 episodes with over 17 hours of programming.

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