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Tartan's Autumn/Winter 2005 Schedule

Tartan Video have sent through a provisional look at their UK DVD plans for Autumn/Winter 2005 along with a sneak peak at what's to come in 2006. All titles are of course subject to change (considerably if their Summer schedule is anything to go by) while complete details will be made available closer to the release dates...

Tartan Video have no plans to hibernate this Autumn as they launch a rich harvest of movies from across the world. There is every reason to be thrilled, chilled, and entertained. And there’s even a taste of what’s to come in 2006. Stockpile those DVD collections now.

3rd October 2005

The Eye 2 (Region 2; RRP £19.99)
The Pang Brothers’ eerie sequel to the Korean chiller . Joey Cheng attempts suicide after another failed relationship. However, here overdose triggers unsettling phantom visions. When she discovers she’s pregnant, a malevolent ghost sees it as a chance to be reborn as her child.

Mean Creek (Region 2; RRP £15.99)
A haunting coming-of-age drama from Jacob Aaron Estes. Set in a small Oregon town, a group of kids decide they will teach the local bully a lesson. Heading off for a river trip on a supposed birthday celebration, events spin out of control with tragic consequences. San impressive cast of young actors including Rory Culkin (Igby Goes Down); Ryan Kelly (TV’s Smallville); Josh Peck (ER, and The Sopranos) and newcomer Scott Mechlowicz (Euro Trip).
DVD extras include: Tartan exclusive interview with Jacob Aaron Estes

24th October 2005

Mysterious Skin (Region 2; RRP £19.99)
Visually stunning, dramatically powerful movie from Gregg Araki (The Living End, Totally F***ed Up). Two boys experience events in their childhood which shape their teenage years. For Neil it has led to life as a hustler, whilst Brian relives the moments of his abduction by aliens. However, increasingly their paths cross and a shared past unravels to its shocking conclusion. Incredible performances from Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Third Rock From The Sun) and Brady Corbet (Thunderbirds), and also starring Elizabeth Shue (Back To The Future) and Michele Trachtenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer).
DVD extras include: Tartan exclusive interviews with Gregg Araki, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Brady Corbett, and writer Scott Heim

Last Horror Movie (Region 0; RRP £15.99)
Warning! Approach Max Parry with extreme caution. He has distributed an unquantifiable number of films to rental stores, which he has doctored as documents of his murderous killing sprees. But he has access to addresses to all people who rent the film, giving him access to a continuing line of new victims. Director Julian Richards (Darklands) has been helping with our enquiries.

Guerilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst (Region 2; RRP £19.99)
In 1974, the Sympionese Liberation Army, an American terrorist group, kidnapped heiress Patty Hearst. More bizxarrely she surfaced a few months later actually aiding and abetting her abductors in a bank robbery. Robert Stone’s enthralling documentary combines interviews and film footage that attempts to discover the truth behind one those explosive moment in American history.
DVD extras include a Tartan exclusive interview with Robert Stone

French titles: The final titles in the Cine Lumiere collection are Damien Odoul’s dramatic study of a married couple in crisis, Errance, whilst Beatrice Dalle and Guillaume Depardieu star in Process, the disturbing tale of a woman contemplating sexual gratification and suicide. (RRP £19.99 each)

14th November 2005

Dig! Single-Disc (R0; RRP £15.99)
Award-winning dissection of friendship and rivalry in the rock world. Courtney Taylor’s band, the Dandy Warhols and Anton Newcombe’s Brian Jonestown Massacre sought the same dream but when one is given a lucky break they turn into bitter enemies as record deals and inner demons take control. Director Ondi Timoner spent seven years following their career paths and has created a definitive account about the music industry.

Released as a single-disc edition, a two-disc special edition will follow in 2006.

Silver City (Region 2; RRP £19.99)
John Sayles’ biting satire about political life in Bush’s America. A corpse is found floating in the river and Danny (Danny Huston), a cynical reporter turned private investigator is brought in to find out if there are any links between the death of the illegal migrant worker and the local senator, whose son Dicky Pilager (Chris Cooper) is running for Colorado state governor. Those investigations unearth ruthless political deals and old loyalties that hide the truth and the irreparable damage to the environment. The stellar cast also includes Richard Dreyfuss, Kris Kristofferson, Maria Bello, and Daryl Hannah. A Chinatown for the dubya generation. Exclusive Tartan DVD extras include interviews with Danny Huston, John Sayles, and producer Maggie Renzi.

Sky Blue (Region 0; RRP £19.99) (UMD Edition; RRP £19.99)
State-of-the-art animated feature from Korea (originally titled Wonderful Days). Set in the future when the globe has been devastated by war and pollution, eco warriors battling against corporate greed in a scorched Earth. 2D animation is combined with CGI technology and an English language soundtrack sets its appeal alongside Akira and Spirited Away.

Infection (J-horror series) (Region 0; RRP £19.99)
First in the J-Horror series and directed by Masayuki Ochiai (Parasite Eve). Suffering funding cutbacks and sloppy workers, an isolated hospital is struggling to keep going. After a series of bad nursing, six-ups in medication, and a patient with an infectious rash, vengeful ghosts diagnose their own dose of chilling medicine. Shocks that will spread like contagious nightmares.

Andrew and Jeremy Get Married (Region 0; RRP £19.99)
Don Boyd’s touching, intimate portrait of a gay couple’s preparations for their civil wedding. Retired teacher Jeremy and former bus driver Andrew make an odd couple but the film offers their candid thoughts on relationships, aspirations, friendships. A topical film since it’s released just as the civil partnerships act is due to become law. Boyd, who collaborated closely with Derek Jarman, has created special DVD extras.

Whispering Corridors (Region 0; RRP £19.99)
Whispering Corridors finds a former pupil returning to her school as a teacher. As she starts befriending some of the students, a series of inexplicable events begin which lead to an increasing number of deaths. The first part of the ‘High School horror trilogy’ by the director of Acacia.

Also released:
Further titles for the Bergman Collection: Music In Darkness (1947), a tearjerker about a blind piano teacher who falls in love with his pupil; and Prison (1948), a stunning expressionistic film which was shot on a small budget.

5th December 2005

The Intruder (L’Intrus) (Region 0; RRP £19.99)
Claire Denis (Trouble Every Day, Vendredi Soir) directs the iconic Beatrice Dalle in this dreamlike tale of loner Trebor who leaves the French-Swiss mountains borders after a heart operation and makes for Korea in hope of reuniting with his son. A beguiling but haunting treat.

Memento Mori
When Min-Ah discovers secret shared diary written by two students at the all-girls’ school, she finds it a compelling read. She becomes obsessed with the page-turning accounts of a secret romance between the two girls, but when one of the students is found dead, a new terror seeps through the school. Was it suicide or something more sinister? And what is the true meaning of the words written in the diary, ‘memento mori’ (remember the dead’). Atmospherically directed by Kim Tae-Yong and Min Kyu-Dong, its lesbian overtones created controversial ripples in Korea.
DVD extras include: ‘making of’ featurette; music DVD.

Premonition (J-horror series) (RRP £19.99)
Second in the J-Horror series and directed by Niro Tsurata (Ring 0). On a family holiday, a father finds an obituary to his daughter on a scrap of paper, a daughter who is very much alive! Then a careless driver makes that prophecy come true. Three years later, another paper foretells the death of one of his students. Can he change the path of fate itself?

The Tit and The Moon
Completing Bigas Luna's saucy Spanish trilogy that began with Jamon Jamon and Golden Balls, The Tit and the Moon tells of a young boys search for the perfect breast.


Best of Bergman - with Bergman established as one of the world’s greatest filmmakers, here’s an ideal introduction to his work with three of his timeless classics (Seventh Seal/ Wild Strawberries/ Autumn Sonata)

Essential Truffaut - Includes Jules et Jim; 400 Blows; Last Metro; la Peau Douce)

30th January 2006

Top Spot
Tracey Emin’s autobiographical film about growing up as a teenager in Margate. Part drama, part experimental cinema, Emin has cast a group of unknowns who captures different facets of her own childhood experiences. A deeply personal visual poem.

The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things (Region 2; RRP £19.99)
Directed by Asia Argento and based on the cult novel by JT Leroy, this hard-edged drama follows the disjointed life of a young boy dragged along trailer trash highways by his junkie mother, played by Asia herself. Also starring Winona Ryder, Peter Fonda, and Marilyn Manson.
DVD extras include exclusive interviews with Asia and JT Leroy.

Beautiful Boxer (Region 2; RRP £19.99)
Based on the extraordinary true-life of a Thai kickboxing champion, Ekachai Uekrongtham’s sumptuously sensitive film follows the success of one of Thailand’s greatest sporting heroes, Nong Toom/ Parinya Charoernphol, who despite social taboos, confronts his own sexuality in a male-dominated sport, creating his own make-rituals before daringly undergoing a sex change operation to become a champion as a woman. A rouged-up Rocky.

Battle Royale II: Revenge (Region 2; RRP £29.99)
Powerhouse sequel to Battle Royale, and this time it comes in a specially designed limited edition two-disc tin boxset. Having rapidly built up controversy and a cult following, the Battle Royale phenomenon has influenced fashion and popular culture whilst the first film played out a deadly game of survivor, the second film moves the story three years further on with rebels battling state-controlled schoolkids, whilst also addressing an army of political and social issues. Packed with behind the scenes extras.


Wishing Stairs - 30th January 2006
There’s a legend which claims that if you count aloud 28 steps to the school dormitory, a 29th stair appears and a spirit will grant you a wish. That can bring good fortune if you are honourable. In a school full of rivalry and jealousy, those moods are often vicious. Jin-sung hopes to win a vital scholarship to ballet school, but when a rival wins, it’s time to seek out the spirit. But be careful what you wish for. Directed by first-timer Yoon Jae-Yeon, it’s Korea’s fifth highest-grossing horror film.
DVD extras include: ‘making of’ featurette; directors’ sketchbook

R-Point (Region 0; RRP £19.99)
Set in the Vietnam war, R-Point follows a group of soldiers sent to investigate the mysterious disappearance of an earlier platoon in the jungle, all presumed dead even though radio messages are being received.

Also released
Pleasant Days, a dark Hungarian drama about a newly released prisoner who finds his sister looking the boy of another woman, a crazed woman who wants her son back. Alan Rudolph’s The Secret Life of Dentists focuses on a man (Campbell Scott) who has strange dreams that blur his sense of reality and fantasy. Also features Denis Leary..

Coming in Spring 2006

Vital (Region 0; RRP £19.99)
From cult director Shinya (Tetsuo, A Snake of June) Tsukamoto, Vital tells of a medical student who attends his first dissection only to discover it’s the body of his former girlfriend, a experienced which leads him to reflect on what might have been.

Ozu Volume 3 – three more films from the director of Tokyo Story, recently voted the best film of all time.. This boxset includes Tokyo Twilight, Equinox Flower, and Good Morning. Delayed to 27th February 2006. (Announcement)

Guy X - British director Saul (Late Night Shopping) Metzstein’s darkly comic war drama stars American Pie’s Jason Biggs as a young soldier wrongly posted to an Arctic military base after the Vietnam war who’s confronted with the mystery of a concealed patient. Shades of M.A.S.H and Catch 22.

Abnormal Beauty - the Pang Brothers’ stylish thriller about a photographer who becomes obsessed with capturing mortality on film.

Dumplings - deliciously black comedy from Hong Kong’s Fruit Chan, exploring the macabre culinary delights that lead to eternal youth. Featuring an appearance by Tony Leung.

Saraband - Ingmar Bergman’s latest project which serves as a kind of sequel to Scenes From a Marriage, and stars possibly his greatest muse, Liv Ullmann.

The King - James Marsh (Wisconsin Death Trip) directs Gael Garcia Bernal in his first English-language role. He plays a troubled marine who returns home to Texas and a reunion with his father (William Hurt).

A Bitter Sweet Life - highly anticipated revenge thriller from the director of A Tale of Two Sisters. A loyal worker is devoted to his crime boss who asks him to kill the lover of his girlfriend. Daring to defy him, his actions lead to blood and mayhem. Stylish balletic violence but a brutal masterpiece.

The Proposition - hard-edged Aussie western, directed by John Hillcote from a Nick Cave script, and starring Danny Huston, Guy Pearce, John Hurt, Ray Winstone and Emily Watson.

36 Quai des Orfevres - powerful and dynamic police thriller by former cop Olivier Marchal who also stars in the film alongside international French stars Gerard Depardieu, Daniel Auteuil, and Valeria Golino. Based on true events. Two cops are locked in a ten-year rivalry, driven either by ruthless power-lust or personal justice. This is France’s number one box-office smash.

Battle In Heaven - controversial new film from Japon’s Carlos Regayas. Marcos and his wife decide to kidnap a baby and hold it to ransom. When the child dies, he’s tortured with guilt and confesses to his boss’s daughter as his world falls apart. Uncompromising and sexually explicit, it’s further proof of an emerging new cinematic visionary from Mexico.

Aragami and 2LDK (Region 2; RRP £19.99 each)
Two films, two directors working under the same instructions from the producer of Ringu: to create a film featuring only two actors, one location, and shot entirely in one week. Referred to as the Duel Project, A battle god and samurai master battle it out in Aragami, directed by Ryuhei Kitamura (Versus). Two actresses audition for the same part but also share the same apartment, and their rivalry fuels Yukihiko Tsutsumi’s 2LDK. A double dose of Japanese fight action. Released separately

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