HKL & Premier Asia Schedule Updates

Hong Kong Legends and Premier Asia have once again been juggling their forthcoming schedules with some additions, subtractions and re-arranging here and there.

HKL have added the Yuen Biao time-travelling adventure The Iceman Cometh to their schedule in July, which is joined by another low-price box set release this time focusing on Jet Li. Elsewhere the only other changes are a month long delay for the old-school Jackie Chan starring, John Woo directed Hand of Death and a several month delay for the new Platinum Edition release of Bruce Lee's Fist of Fury...

25-Jul - The Iceman Cometh
25-Jul - Jet Li Box Set
12-Sep - Hand of Death
26-Sep - Wheels on Meals
24-Oct - Chinese Ghost Story 2
09-Jan (2006) - Fist of Fury: Platinum Edition

Premier Asia's schedule is once again cause for disappointment, with My Wife Is A Gangster dropping off the list for the second or third time alongside another Korean action-comedy Once Upon A Time in High School. Even worse there are no new releases to replace them, but for all you Tony Jaa fans out there the two-disc Platinum Edition of Ong Bak has been moved forward a couple of weeks while rental editions of their two September retail titles are on the cards for August...

08-Aug - Brotherhood (Rental)
22-Aug - Ong Bak (Rental)
05-Sep - Brotherhood Platinum Edition
19-Sep - Ong Bak Platinum Edition

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