Fantastic Four: A Legend Begins in July

Buena Vista Home Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Fantastic Four: A Legend Begins for 11th July 2005. Explore the world of the first ever imaginauts and revel in non-stop superhero action this summer, when five thrilling episodes from the original and hugely popular animated series, Fantastic Four, arrive on DVD.

Of course regular DVDTimes readers will be fully aware of the BVHE R1 effort to capitalise on the live-action movie release, where rather than give us 5 episodes we get the entire animated series on DVD (details here).

Episodes on this R2 release are...

The Origins of The Fantastic Four (Part One)
The Fantastic Four recall the origin of their powers and their first battle with the Puppet Master during a Dick Clark charity show.

The Origins of The Fantastic Four (Part Two)
The Puppet Master turns The Thing against the Fantastic Four, but his plans fall apart when his step-daughter, Alicia, falls in love with The Thing and sides with the team.

The Mask of Doom (Part One)
Doctor Doom has captured the Fantastic Four, taking them to his treacherous castle.

The Mask of Doom (Part Two)
Sue learns about Doctor Doom's past, while the others deal with the castle's traps. When they find him, Doom offers a deal: travel back in time to retrieve an ancient casket or Sue will be killed.

The Mask of Doom (Part Three)
Reed, Johnny, and Ben arrive in ancient Greece, with only forty-eight hours to find the casket. Their problems multiply, however, when they get into the middle of the Battle of Thermopalye.

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