4 Hispanic Heritage titles from Warner in September

Warner Home Video have announced the Region 1 DVD release of four 'Hispanic Heritage' titles for 6th September 2005. Priced at $14.98 SRP each are...

Dias de Futbol (Soccer Days)
A comedic romp that celebrates the power of friendship to turn your life around, Dias de Futbol introduces us to Antonio, an ex-convict and amateur shrink who convinces his pals that the best way to overcome their midlife crises and lack of success with women is to reassemble their old soccer team and win something in life, even if only a local championship. Directed by David Serrano. Starring Alberto San Juan, Natalia Verbeke (Dot the I, Son of the Bride), Pere Ponce, and Fernando Tejero.

Nos Miran (They're Watching Us)
In the shivery tradition of The Sixth Sense and The Others, Nos Miran is a supernatural thriller in which a detective investigating the strange disappearance of a businessman uncovers evidence that the living aren't alone. His discovery that thousands of persons - each with a terrible hidden secret - have similarly vanished raises questions as hard to answer as they are disturbing. Are we really being watched from the other side? Directed by Norberto Lopez. Starring Carmelo Gomez, Iciar Bollain, Manuel Lozano, Massimo Ghini, Margarita Lozano.

Santos Peregrinos (Holy Pilgrims)
When greed comes calling, say goodbye to saintliness. An irresistible comedy about what happens when the residents of a Mexico City apartment building discover that three religious figurines passed down through the decades from Emiliano Zapata are full of solid gold. Tempers fly, libidos flare and no one emerges unscathed, including viewers overcome by a heavenly dose of hilarity in Santos Peregrinos. Directed by Juan Carlos Carrasco. Starring Ernesto Gomez Cruz, Adal Ramones, Maya Zapata, and Carmen Salinas

La Segunda Noche (The Second Night)
Girls just want to have fun ? but often they must do some growing up first...and fast! Four teenage friends explore the grey area between sexual attraction and responsible behaviour and just where love fits in. Between rocky family relationships and dalliances with potential boyfriends, it?s quite a balancing act for an adolescent. Enjoy the laughter and heartache as these four try to get it right! Directed by Alejandro Gamboa. Starring Iran Castillo, Marian Avila, Francesca Guillen and Sherlyn Gonzalez.

Specs are rather vague but all should be presented in their original language versions with optional English subtitles. In a similar fashion to Fox's Latino range separate editions will be available featuring the film's Spanish and English titles on the cover artwork...

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