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As a semi-fan of Doctor Who, I've been looking forward to the return of the series to our screens. Over the last year there has been much debate over Russell T. Davies' reimagining of the series - who would play the Doctor, the casting of Billie Piper as his assistant and most topically, who will replace Christopher Eccleston when he hangs up his leather jacket after just one season.

And, despite the hype, I haven't been disappointed. Davies and the rest of the writers have captured exactly what Doctor Who is about - it is fun, it should appeal to everyone and it promises us the chance to visit wierd and wonderful destinations each and every week. There are those who were less than happy with the first episode, and even now following episode 2, opinion is split with some loving the new series and some hating it. I couldn't be happier.

I'm not even disappointed with Eccleston's decision to leave - I have total faith in the producers having seen what they've come up with so far. The first episode was a perfect intro to the series - it wasn't too dark and while it had a 'Doctor Who' storyline in the shape of the Autons, it took more time introducing the character of Rose, In that one episode she had more character development than most of the previous companions had during their time in the series. The second episode has scattered far more including huge questions over the Doctor himself; for the first time in decades, the Doctor is a mystery and that's despite hundreds of hours of back story. In some ways we know less about him now than we ever have.

OK, so there were some slip ups in the first episode, but I cannot fault the second. Even the much maligned shorter story length worked for me - I didn't think it was rushed. The only slight issue I have is with the special effects - I just thought there was too much CGI and it wasn't that good, but at the end of the day, that's not what Doctor Who is about. It's supposed to be great fun and a joy to watch and I've been smiling like a loon through both episodes so as far as I am concerned, this is exactly what I've been waiting for.

Thanks Russell!

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