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Superfriends Season 2 in May

Warner Home Video have announced the Region 1 DVD release of Superfriends: Second Season for 24th May 2005 priced at $26.99 SRP. Only the combined superpowers of Earth’s greatest heroes can stop the unthinkable dangers that jeopardize humanity in these 16 episodes from the beloved animated TV series! Superman, Batman and Robin, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Zan and Jayna battle villains from the darkest regions of outer space to the depths of the ocean in their fight for truth and justice. They face extraordinary perils at the core of the Earth and defy the laws of nature to shrink to microscopic size to defeat a radioactive monster. Even Dracula returns from the grave to challenge the Super Friends to a showdown!

All 16 episodes from the second season will be presented on this two-disc set in Full Screen with the following bonus features on board...

  • "Pajama-Rama: Super Friends Retrospective" - A group of pop culture enthusiasts and fun celebrities share their memories of the world's greatest team of '70's super-heroes, The Super Friends !
  • "The Ballad of Zan & Jayna"- A wild and wacky music video celebrating the Wonder Twins, and of course, their pet primate Gleek !

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