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5 Martial Arts titles from Optimum Asia in April

Optimum Asia have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of five Martial Arts titles for 25th April 2005.. Andy Lau (Infernal Affairs, House of Flying Daggers) and Brigitte Lin (Chungking Express, The Bride With White Hair) star together in the sumptuous fantasy kung fu film The Three Swordsmen. Brigitte Lin also stars in the haunting supernatural thriller Deadful Melody as a martial arts expert who uses the destructive power of a mystical Lyre to seek revenge on the evil masters who have killed her family.

April 25th also sees the release of Drunken Master 3, starring Andy Lau and Gordon Liu (Kill Bill), in the third film from the Drunken Master series, which combines a wacky sense of fun with political intrigue. Iron Monkey 2, the sequel to the hugely popular Iron Monkey, stars Donnie Yen (Hero, Shanghai Knights) and is set a hundred years after the original film with more high jinks and chop-socky action. Lastly the legendary martial arts director Woo-Ping Yuen (Drunken Master, Iron Monkey, fight choreographer on Kill Bill) directs Brigitte Lin as a pyro assassin in the exciting Fire Dragon, which features some remarkable pyrotechnic action sequences.

Retail is £12.99 each.

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