The R2 Shaw Bros. Collection continues in May

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have announced the next batch of Shaw Bros. UK Region 2 DVD releases for 23rd May 2005. Priced at £19.99 each are...

Death Duel (Shaw Brothers Collection) - Director Chor Yuen's bloody tale of chivalry is considered a classic of the swordplay genre. A master swordsman, tired of taking on all comers and pretenders to his throne, fakes his death in order to live a normal, quiet life. But his plans are disrupted when a cunning rival orchestrates a duel between the swordsman and the only fighter capable of beating him. Starring Derek Yee and Ling Yun, DEATH DUEL also features crowd

Human Lanterns (Shaw Brothers Collection) - Directed by Suen Chung, HUMAN LANTERNS is a macabre and fantastic swordplay film with a strong horror element. The film stars Lau Wing, Lo Lieh, Chen Kuan tai and Lo Meng in the bizarre tale of an outcast swordsman who begins kidnapping the people closest to his rivals and using their skins to make lanterns.

The Magnificent Trio (Shaw Brothers Collection) - A group of farmers under the oppression of a local magistrate kidnap the magistrate's daughter and hold her as ransom in a bid to secure reform. In turn, the magistrate hires a group of bandits to challenge the farmers and rescue his daughter. But the farmers are aided by a trio of swordsmen determined to see justice done. Acclaimed director Chang Cheh's faithful and impressive remake of the Japanese film, "Three Outlaw Samurai" is a swashbuckling swordplay extravaganza starring Jimmy Wang Yu, Lo Lieh and Cheng Lui.

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