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Six classic Westerns in February

Optimum Releasing have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of six classic titles in The Western Collection for 21st February 2005 priced at £9.99 each. Featuring a wealth of stellar Hollywood legends including James Stewart, Gary Cooper, Spencer Tracy, Henry Fonda, Anthony Quinn and the directing prowess of John Ford and Fritz Lang, the six titles released individually are...

Broken Arrow revolutionised the Hollywood Western for its portrayal of the native Apaches as more than simply savage killers. It tells the poignant tale of a friendship that develops between Tom Jeffords (James Stewart) and Apache chief Cochise (Jeff Chandler) as Jeffords struggles to make peace between settlers and Apaches. Broken Arrow features fantastic central performances, masterful direction from Delmer Daves and beautiful cinematography by Ernest Palmer.

Oscar winning director John Ford directs Henry Fonda in Young Mr Lincoln in a performance many consider to be his finest. Young Mr Lincoln charts a decade in the life of a young Abraham Lincoln as he moves to Springfield, Illinois and sets up a law practice with a friend. The film centres on a controversial real life murder trial in which Lincoln represents two local brothers accused of murder. Young Mr Lincoln was a critical success and Henry Fonda's portrayal of Lincoln captures all the humour, courage and honesty for which the former President was famed.

One of only two Westerns directed by Fritz Lang, Western Union is a fast paced, thrilling and occasionally shocking film. When former outlaw Vance Shaw (Randolph Scott) goes straight and is hired to protect a line from marauding Indians, he discovers that his outlaw brother Jack Slade (Barton McLane) is leading a band of criminals trying to prevent him from doing so. With two brothers locked in such a furious struggle, there can be only one outcome.

Set against the backdrop and greed of the gold rush, Garden of Evil is the story of three Americans played by Gary Cooper, Richard Widmark and Cameron Mitchell stranded in a small Mexican village on their way to the famed California gold fields. Whilst there, they are offered a huge cash sum to travel with a local woman (Susan Hayward) into the wilderness to rescue her husband, a trapped miner. Despite the danger, the bounty is too great to refuse. Director Henry Hathaway makes great use of the dangerous and beautiful Mexican wilderness, and composer Bernard Herrmann's outstanding score rounds off this truly remarkable film.

Based on Shakespeare's King Lear, Edward Dmytryk's powerful Broken Lance is an epic tale of what happens when a hard-nosed pioneer trusts his wayward sons to continue the family legacy. Starring Spencer Tracy, Robert Wagner and Richard Widmark, this remarkable tale of greed, corruption, hate and revenge features an Oscar-winning screenplay, astounding performances from Tracy, Wagner and Widmark, striking cinematography and a terrific score.

An exciting and unusually complex Western, Edward Dmytryk's Warlock balances allegory and action in one of his finest films. Terrorised by a gang of thugs, the inhabitants of the town of Warlock decide to hire the famous gunman Clay Blaisdell (Henry Fonda) to act as marshal and clean up the town. When some of the townspeople, suspicious of Blaidsell, hire reformed thug Johnny Gannon (Richard Widmark) as the official Sheriff, the town becomes embroiled in a power struggle between two men of dubious morality.

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