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MGM War Catalogue Titles in April

MGM Home Entertainment have announced the Region 1 DVD release of several classic war titles from their back catalogue for 19th April 2005. All discs will retail at $14.95 SRP and include English, French and Spanish subtitles...

Ambush Bay (1966) - Mickey Rooney and Hugh O'Brian head into enemy territory to find a spy with vital information that will change the course of the war.

1.85:1 Letterbox & Full Screen transfers, English and Spanish Mono

Attack on the Iron Coast (1968) - Lloyd Bridges stars as a major sent on a suicide mission to blow up a prized Nazi port.

1.66:1 Letterbox, English and Spanish Mono

Beach Red (1967) - Starring Cornel Wilde and Rip Torn, this WWII film about marines in the Pacific marked a real breakthrough for daring to show the terror on both sides.

1.85:1 Letterbox & Full Screen transfers, English Mono

Beachhead (1954) - Tony Curtis and Frank Lovejoy star in this WWII tale about marines who must locate a minefield on a Japanese-held island.

Full Screen, English, French and Spanish Mono audio. Includes Theatrical Trailer.

Submarine X-1 (1969) - James Caan commands a top-secret mission to obliterate a Nazi warship using three tiny, experimental X-1 subs in this gripping film.

1.66:1 Letterbox, English and Spanish Mono

The Four Feathers (1939) - Zoltan Korda's epic about the cowardice-turned-courage of a young British officer in Africa.

Full Screen, English Mono

The Purple Plain (1955) - Gregory Peck stars in this WWII drama about a pilot whose plane crash-lands in enemy territory in Burma.

Full Screen, English and Spanish Mono

The Quiet American (1958) - Love and politics intertwine in this thriller about a British journalist and American idealist who vie for the same woman during the pre-war struggle in Saigon.

1.66:1 Letterbox, English and Spanish Mono

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