Whatever Happened to Chevy Chase?

The 80's - Chevy Chase. And then there was nothing. The 90's was a joke, the new millennium never bothered.

What happened to the great man? Where did he go? What has he done? Well nothing of any importance really. I find it hard to believe that one of the 80's greatest dead-pan comics has been relegated to voicing kids 'toons and making straight to video films.

Do you ever feel bitter, Chevy? Do you ever read DVD Times so you can answer that? Probably not, and if not why not? Would you play Irwin Fletcher again, given the chance? I'd like to see that for sure. He would still be working undercover for the newspaper or maybe he'd be promoted to the chief but he really hates his job and longs to go undercover again. Geena Davis would be in it too.

At least Chevy got away from doing National Lampoon films. After Christmas Vacation they were really bad, except for Loaded Weapon and that didn't need Chevy. We fans still need you, Chevy. Where's the big come back, ala Steve Martin in Bowfinger? I know you never went away and perhaps Hollywood is to blame.

Hold on to your treasures, Hollywood.

Last updated: 03/05/2018 01:17:00

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