Hollywood's meddling hands

One thing that really irks me is Hollywood getting it's hands on what could and should be thrilling and original ideas via novels and more recently video games, and then changing the elements that made the original source so successful.

The latest two examples have to be the recent news that the 'His Dark Materials' trilogy of books are to be transferred to the big screen - as anyone who has read the books knows, the core element of the story is an attempt to overthrow God and a fight against the Church. So in order to appease those that might be offended, the guts of the story are to be removed or changed. There'll be no reference to God and no reference to the Church - so in effect the whole point of the books is now null and void. Why bother getting the rights to a successful story and then change it beyond all recognition?

Even more recently, news has emerged that the video game Doom is the latest in a long line of successful gaming franchises to appear in film. The core element of Doom is a Space Marine's fight against Demons on Mars. So, what will the film feature - well it won't be on Mars, there won't be Space Marines and the Demons are out, replaced with people infected with a secret virus. So, it's not really Doom is it?

What next - a film based on H.G.Wells Time Machine set in New York? Oh hang on - that's already been done. How about The War of the Worlds? Nope that's been changed too.

The big question is why bother spending money on a name only to then alienate the people who are most likely to be your target audience?

Last updated: 21/06/2018 18:30:44

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