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CD-WOW Christmas Highlights

Time again for a look at some top titles over at site supporter, CD WOW. We've got a number of big releases and bargains for you this time around, so without further ado...

The Ultimate Matrix Collection - R2, £36.99
The Ultimate Matrix Collection - R1 (uncut), £39.99
Follow Neo across all three films of the trilogy as he battles for humanity's freedom agains the machines. This DVD release of the full trilogy spans 10 discs and is packed to the brim with extra features on The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. A must for all fans of the hit science fiction series - the Region 2 release features a few minor cuts while the Region 1 is uncut and costs a little more.

Ricky Gervais: Politics - R2, £14.99
More stand-up comedy from Ricky Gervais, this time focussing on the hilarity (!) of politics. Fans of The Office and his last live stand-up act Animals will find plenty to enjoy with Gervais' unique brand of humour.

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban - R2, £13.99
J.K.Rowling's Harry Potter goes dark for the third installment in the series. Alfonso Cuaron adds a distinctive touch to the film as he takes over the reigns. The DVD release spans two discs and is crammed with special features.

The Manchurian Candidate (2004) - R1, £13.99
Denzel Washington stars in this remake of the John Frankenheimer 1962 classic, The Manchurian Candidate. With Jonathan Demme at the helm, the film cracks along at a terrific pace and the excellent supporting cast give The Manchurian Candidate the edge over other recent remakes.

That Peter Kay Thing - R2, £12.99
Fans of British Comedy will already know Peter Kay - star of Pheonix Nights and more recently, Max and Paddy's Big Road To Nowhere. Well, this is where it all started - 15 characters including Pheonix Night's Brian Potter make an apperance in what is likely to be one of the funniest DVDs this Christmas.

Live Aid - R2, £30.99
This huge four disc set revisits the 1985 concert that crossed two continents and brought together the biggest music names of the 1980s in a bid to raise money and awareness for the plight in Africa. Available on DVD for the first time, with proceeds going to help the continuing famine in Africa, Live Aid will be making an appearance on Christmas lists all over the country...

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