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Fox Home Entertainment have announced a range of catalogue titles for UK Region 2 DVD release on 3rd January 2005. Priced at £12.99 each are...

Looking For Richard
Directed by and starring Al Pacino, this quasi-documentary is Pacino’s passion in his quest to make Shakespeare more accessible to modern day America. Shakespeare’s most performed play, Richard the Third, is the vehicle he uses to bridge the gap between Victorian soap opera and Twentieth Century culture. As well as hearing the views of the man on the street, we also meet Pacino’s friends and fellow actors in his film version of Richard the Third. These include Kevin Spacey, Winona Ryder, Alec Baldwin, James Earl Jones and Kenneth Branagh, who discuss the rewards and challenges inescapable when trying to do justice to the bard. Looking For Richard is where film and documentary merge; you have never seen Shakespeare like this before!

The Beverly Hillbillies
Directed by Penelope Spheeris (Wayne’s World), this raucous comedy is an adaptation of the much-loved sitcom from the 1960s of the same name. Jed Clampett (Jim Varney, Toy Story) accidentally strikes oil on his Arkansas property and is an overnight billionaire! Wanting to turn his daughter Elly May (Erika Eleniak, Baywatch) into a sophisticated young lady, he moves his hillbilly family to the most sophisticated suburb he knows… Beverly Hills! The country bumpkins get more than they bargained for with snooty neighbours, strange Californian hand signals and con artists around every corner!

Alex Kearney (Anthony Edwards, ER) is a honest, hard-working cop patrolling the subdued suburbs of Philadelphia. He polices by the book and when he naively gives a powerful local businessman a speeding ticket he gets unfairly relocated to a very different side of Philadelphia…downtown. He is assigned a new partner, Dennis (Forest Whitaker, Phone Booth), a hardened cop who survives by following his instincts rather than the rules and the pair get off to a very rocky start. However, when Alex’s former partner is murdered, he needs Dennis’s help to uncover the truth. The two get caught up in what initially appears to be a drug operation, but which soon emerges to be something far more sinister.

Author! Author!
Struggling playwright Ivan Travalian (Al Pacino, The Godfather Trilogy) is down on his luck - to put it mildly! When his ditsy wife Gloria (Tuesday Weld, Feeling Minnesota) moves in with her lover and leaves Ivan with five children (only one of which is his), Ivan is about to find out just how far his sanity can be stretched! If that wasn’t enough, the producer of his new Broadway play (Alan King, Casino) is demanding a re-write and his captivating leading lady (Dyan Cannon, Ally McBeal) has a severe case of stage fright. Offbeat and heart-warming, this gem is one of Pacino’s rare forays into comedy and was written by acclaimed New York playwright Israel Horovitz.

Set in the steel town of Newcastle, Australia, Bootmen is the story of Sean (Adam Garcia, Coyote Ugly), a young man who works hard in the steel mills alongside his brother and father, but who harbours dreams of a better future. His passion lies in dance, not ballet or ballroom, but tap. His cantankerous father wishes he were more like his brother Mitchell (Sam Worthington, Hart’s War), who is trying to start a trucking business. When the steel mill closes down and hundreds of workers face an uncertain fate, Sean realises that his love of dance may be able to help. He rallies the other men to join a very loud, steel-toed dance troupe. Bootmen is based on the true story of director and Newcastle native Dein Perry, the man behind Tap Dogs.

Three of Hearts
William Baldwin stars in this touching comedy as Joe - a good-looking, but not-so-bright male escort, hired by Connie (Kelly Lynch, Joe Somebody), a lesbian nurse, as a partner for her sister’s wedding. Connie originally wanted to take her lover Ellen (Sherilyn Fenn, Boxing Helena) but Ellen walks out saying she needs ‘space to rethink her life and sexuality’. During the wedding Joe and Connie become friends, and Connie confides that she wants Ellen back. Joe devises a plan to meet Ellen, wine and dine her and then break her heart – with Connie waiting in the wings to pick up the pieces! However, the more time Joe spends with Ellen, the more he begins to fall for her, leaving Connie wondering if she will ever get Ellen back.

Wing Commander
In the mid-27th century the Kilrathi, an evil Alien race, are headed for Earth on a mission of destruction. The starship Tiger Claw and its elite crew are the only ones who can save Earth and all humanity. Freddie Prinze Jr. (Scooby-Doo) is 1st Lt. Christopher Blair, the fearless pilot of the Tiger Claw, who, with his wing commander Lieutenant Commander Devereaux (Saffron Burrows, Troy), is prepared to fight to the end to stop the Kilrathi destroying everything they know and love. Wing Commander is based on the popular computer game of the same name and is directed by Chris Roberts, the game's creator.

Rookie of the Year
When Henry Rowengartner (Thomas Ian Nicholas, American Pie), a 12-year-old baseball fan, falls and breaks his arm he thinks his days of playing Little League are over. However, when his cast is finally taken off he finds that he has become a 100-mile-per-hour thunderbolt! The Chicago Cubs come to hear of Henry’s strength and immediately sign him up, giving him a Major League contract. At first everything seems to be going well for Henry, until his friends start to resent him for spending all his time with his new famous team-mates…

The Great White Hype
Rev. Fred Sultan, (Samuel L. Jackson, S.W.A.T.) is a money hungry, Las Vegas boxing promoter who realises that public interest is fading in the sport and his empire is in danger of falling apart. He decides he needs to find a new white hero, one that can challenge his reigning black champion, James ‘the Grim Reaper’ Roper (Damon Wayans, Last Action Hero) and make him a millionaire. His saviour comes in the shape of Terry Conklin (Peter Berg, Collateral), a socially conscious rock star who defeated Roper in an amateur fight ten years earlier. This hilarious film is loosely based on the life and legend of boxing promoter Don King, with close references to his grand pronouncements, flamboyant outfits and excessive ego.

Lucas (Corey Haim, Murphy’s Romance) is a normal 14-year old who is struggling with hormones, girls and popularity, but with an added hurdle. Accelerated to a higher grade, Lucas is unusually young and small for his year. This doesn’t affect his emotions, however, and he falls head over heels for a pretty girl called Maggie (Kerri Green, The Goonies). The course of true love never did run smooth, and Maggie’s affection for Lucas is overshadowed by her attraction for football hero Cappie (Charlie Sheen, Spin City). In the face of this massive adversity Lucas grows desperate and decides to risk everything by playing in the big football game of the season...

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