Angry Kid Review

He’s crude, rude and thinks he’s the daddy. Angry Kid is a fairly different animated television programme. The collection of internet/television shorts made by Aardman Animation, responsible for the family favourite ‘Wallace and Gromit’, have made an animation that is directed more towards an adult audience than the family.

The central character of this animation is an orange haired ‘angry’ kid. A pre-teenager male, he is a kid who acts like a snot nosed punk; which in fact he is. He’s swears a lot, he hates his sister and he’s impolite to his parents and everyone else. Angry Kid’s trials and tribulations through childhood is the subject of this comedy animation. Having seemed successful on the television and on the Internet, Pathe have decided to release 25 episodes of the show on DVD, the 25 episodes included are:

Car Sick – Angry Kid during a quick drink of coke and a quick bite of chocolate is feeling ill and about to throw up. Though the parents won’t let him open a window.

Stinky – As the kid is bored on the playground he takes his time to smell on of his fingers. Whatever is on the fingers is unknown and it might as well be kept that way if he’s about to throw up on it.

Goalie – Angry Kid shows more boredom in being the playground goalkeeper while soccer is being played.

Chips – Angry Kid is quite happily eating his chippies though he gets into a fight with the pit bull dog over them.

Backwards Writing – Angry Kid learns the joys of writing swear words on cards when he asks about why ambulances have their names written backwards. Though the parents don’t take the swearing happily, his kid sister seems more than happy to encourage her father to whack Angry Kid.

Captain Thunderpants – Fed with country music, Angry Kid demands that his music ‘Captain Thunderpants’ to be played. Though the meaning of the song is confusing since it’s all about pieces of meat and using air horns.

Road Hog – Angry Kid decides to keep a moving van at bay by riding his bike in front of it. Even if it means travelling out of town to keep it up.

Queen’s Speech – My personal favourite episode sees Angry Kid stepping into the queen’s shoes and delivering a Christmas speech reflecting on 1999. Though the kid with his obsession of crude words is always messing up the speech.

Horror – It’s Halloween and Angry Kid’s sister is watching horror films. Perfect opportunity for Angry Kid to try and scare his sister, even if all the pranks fail and instead backfire.

Wee Wee – Angry Kid is trying to use the toilet but he gets the attention of his sister who strangely feels compelled to watch which proves difficult for Angry Kid to relieve himself.

Sex Education – Angry Kid and his sister enjoy watching a ‘how to make babies’ programme. Even though the result is queasy for them, they have the stomach to go and watch a programme about liposuction.

Bored –Angry Kid tries to entertain himself while his sister watch a programme on the television on how to count with snotty results.

Cotton Bud – Trying to clear up a sneeze, Angry Kid tries to use a cotton bud but the result becomes bloody.

Superhero – Dedicated to rid the world of evil, Angry Kid dresses up as a superhero to take on the evil doctor Arse-rot.

Kidnapped – After being threaten to be taken to the home, Angry Kid takes matters into his own hand in order for him to avoid becoming an abandon child.

Speed – It’s Angry Kid versus the police in a high-speed bike chase but after evading the police, he seems more than happy to annoy the police further by sending them radio messages.

Bone- After suffering an accident from being silly on his bike, Angry Kid discovers that one of the bones in his arm is sticking out and it’s grabbed the hungry attention of a pit bull dog.

Sneeze – Angry Kid is once again trying to control a sneezing problem but it leads to eye-popping results.

Blood Juice – While being bored in the car, Angry Kid decides to play a boxing match with an identical doll with boxing gloves. One punch to the nose makes all the difference.

Headlights – It’s late at night and in the car Angry Kid is pulling faces in the backseat. Then somehow he ends up on the outside of the car with a truck.

Buzz Off – During his time in the bathroom, Angry Kid finds his mothers vibrator and uses it as part of an electronic toothbrush

Swearing – Angry Kid learns on which words he can and cannot use. Though this leads to a mass beating when he takes it out of proportion.

Hard Face- While in the bathroom, cleaning his teeth, Angry Kid does some impressions to himself ranging from cigarette ads to the godfather.

Love Bite – Angry Kid tries to prove how many girlfriends he has with the use of an empty milk bottle.

Hoax Call – Angry Kid decides to play a prank phone call which ends horribly wrong as the prank on the direct inquires operator decides to show how damaging a prank call can be.

So many episodes that accumulate around 40-50 minutes in total are very quick. They're short and are very funny and it’s hard not to laugh at such a crude animation. The antics of what this kid could get up can range from the usual behaviour to the incredibly bizarre.

Although despite the guilty pleasures of this show it can be said that some of these jokes are hit and miss. For people who love the lowbrow humour from South Park, they should lap these shorts up and enjoy them for what it is. However, those looking for a more civilized comedy are in the wrong place. The goal of ‘Angry Kid’ is to be gross and it is thoroughly gross especially when have characters urinated upon, snotted up, attacked by dogs and throwing up. I would suggest therefore that sticking to comedy clay-animation such as Chicken Run or Wallace and Gromit a better solution.

If you can stomach such crudeness on offer with Angry Kid then you should find yourself quite pleased with the selection of episodes on offer here.

Video and Sound

Angry Kid is presented in a 4:3 aspect ratio as it was screened on television accompanied by a Dolby digital 2.0 soundtrack. Both do the job necessary of delivering a colourful picture on screen with clear dialogue sound coming from the front speakers. It’s not special but it is what’s expected from most television programmes.


While the DVD is packed is extras, it is actually possible to watch everything on this disc including the shorts themselves within 90 minutes. Though the extras are short, they are thoroughly entertaining.

Making Of

This 10-minute feature gives us an insight into how Darren Walsh and his team go about creating the short sketches of Angry Kid. We’re given an inside look into how they film Angry Kid using pixilaization. This process uses a fortunate actor to stand and act as angry kid while wearing various facemasks for each shot. An interesting alternate way to use the clay animated models.

Director’s Cut

Before it is assumed that it’s new footage for the shorts, I have to tell you that it’s not that. The Director’s Cut makes a theatrical presentation of the episode ‘Stinky’. Now with added instrumental music to give climaxes to when Angry Kid smells his finger. Add the long credit end sequence and that is the director’s cut in a nutshell.

Foreign Language Clips

Strange but somewhat hilarious extra. Three episodes of Angry kid have been dubbed in Spanish, French and Japanese. On display here are ‘Superhero’ (In Japanese) and ‘Bone’ (in Spanish). The third clip, and the most hilarious of the three is ‘Cotton Bud’ is delivered in the French Language. With such words as ‘le squish’ and ‘la baptisma’ substituted over the crude voice of Angry Kid it’s hard not to laugh at the this feature. Though an improvement to the DVD would be if there were more episodes available.

Picture Gallery

A short video feature with images from behind the scenes, episodes, and publicity photos. All supported by Angry Kid’s version of the Tony Hart Art Gallery music. The tune is repetitive used during the sequence and at the end we’re given a lovely message from Angry Kid saying that the pictures cannot be returned. The reason on the other hand is crude.


All the best bits of the 25 episodes all together in one featurette. Saves going back into the episodes and having to watch the whole lot. A nice feature but it seems that the makers are trying to fill space up on the already short DVD.

Season 2 Trailer

Just when you think you’ve seen all of Angry Kid, there’s a short trailer showing what’s to come in the second series. This will included card tricks going wrong to bombs going off down a street and a game of Russian ‘hammer’ roulette. It does offer more mayhem than the first series and it should be worth looking forward too.


Angry Kid is a very funny animated series, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Though it appeals to the gross out audience, which means some people will either enjoy it, or some will either just hate it. It’s no Wallace or Gromit. But the makers have delivered a very impressive DVD for a series of animated shorts. But with so many features on offer but which only last for a short time you wished there was more on the disc. Keep the fingers crossed for a commentary track for series two when it arrives.

8 out of 10
7 out of 10
7 out of 10
6 out of 10


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