Trigger Happy TV: Volume 3 Review

Dom Joly returns once more (and for the final time) with Trigger Happy TV on the DVD format. Featuring more silly animal costume antics such as gorilla builders to an office full of bears to attacking badgers. Yes, its more stupidity inflicted upon the public.

For those who don’t know what Trigger Happy TV is about, which I guess might be only a few people if the show’s this popular on channel four, then it is quite simple to explain. The show is something like a U.K version of Jackass minus the stupid stunts and hurting people and therefore leaves you with Dom Joly and a group of people pulling jokes on the public in London. Sounds silly doesn’t it, but this show can be very funny in places.

This collection of clips starts strong with this compilation show. A great opening featuring the mass running of animal costumes down a bare London street while holding references to Elton John. As the show goes on we’re shown to various characters such as Dom’s tai-chi teacher who can’t control his temper while there are noises on around him. Other sketches include Dom trying to sell stuff to people either in a museum or at their house with Buzz Aldrin.

The show does have some genuinely funny moments. There are some really good jokes in this show such as the snake slithering in the cinema after a thief-warning advert is screened:

I guess the only problem with this set of clips I feel is that there isn’t much of a return for characters and sketches in previous shows such as the famous mobile phone man who screams ‘HELLO?’. There isn’t any squirrels running in and beating up people nor is there the Trafalgar square artist who does a variety of things with his customers. I have watched the show before in its past two series and it does feel kind of a shame that the old characters aren’t brought back for the final series. These were the characters that made Trigger Happy what it was.

Despite this nag, the jokes are funny and the overall reaction to the sketches produced a grin on my face. But I recommend people to watch the earlier series as they feature far better jokes.

Though I have to admit that Trigger Happy TV is having a hard time trying to come up with some new sketches. Perhaps this is why this is the final series, everyone knows Dom and his friends too much so its harder to pull off a good joke on the unexpecting public.

If you are a fan of trigger happy TV, then this is a definite pickup, it’s the final volume so get it and add it to your collection. Those who are starting to see Trigger Happy, I suggest looking at Series One and Two on DVD before getting this volume.


The video and the sound are the same as they are broadcast on Channel 4. It’s nothing special but the picture transfer is good since its clear (depending on what camera Joly and Co use). It’s the same for the sound, it’s crystal clear so you can here all of the mayhem going on.


The headline feature on this DVD is the commentary track made by Dom Joly and Sam Cadman. It’s a fairly amusing commentary track as it is continuously interrupted by people trying to phone Dom as he is speaking. The duo also spends time enjoying the surroundings of their recording booth in which the Beatles recorded one of their albums. Studio 2 at Abbey Road. Apart from that they enjoy watching their work making comments why the sketches were done. Especially the bear office, which reflects Dom’s hatred for BBC’s The Office. As well as the main highlights show is commentated, all other extras are commentated as well.

14 Unseen Jokes – It does exactly as it says on the feature. It’s an additional 14 sketches that were not aired on television. This includes Dom posing as a big shot Hollywood producer asking people to do whatever their doing for him to view, only for him to drive off.

The 3 Worst Ideas Ever – Again, does what it says. If you find something remotely funny about Dom dressed as a human hamburger getting caught. I guess something is wrong.

3 bad rabbit jokes – What do a rabbit in a cinema, a rabbit at an airport and a rabbit asking for a lift to water ship down have in common? They’re very very bad jokes.

Brushes with the law – A short and funny collection of clips of Dom getting into trouble for his sketches. There is also footage of Dom getting arrested aboard for posing as a police officer. Poor Dom.

Being Dom Joly – The mockumentory that was aired on channel four late one night is included with this disc. It’s a good fake documentary about Dom, his news reporting career, moving to a new house, meeting his father in a restaurant for a few minutes, and posing at a school fete (while demanding more money before he does a raffle). But I think there was a reason why it shown at a late time in the middle of the night.

4 Exclusive Celebrity Interviews – The celebrity interview which was hiding during the compilation show makes it reappearance here. Four interviews that involve Dom talking to Uri Gellar, Bret Easton Ellis, Alan Titchmarsh (Before his PA pulled him away when she notices its Dom behind the Santa make up) and Hanif Kureishi. These are very funny especially when Dom decides to beat up an annoying person who hangs around him during his interview with Uri Gellar.


This is a good disc to keep the trigger-happy fans happy. While newcomers might want to look at the previous series, this series is still funny and enjoyable. It has an amusing commentary track and a nice stack of extras to keep anyone who likes the show very happy indeed. This might be the last Trigger Happy, but we haven’t seen the last of Dom Joly I think.

7 out of 10
7 out of 10
7 out of 10
8 out of 10


out of 10

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