Final Destination 2 Review

It’s a year after the explosion of Flight 180 – as shown in 2000’s Final Destination – and a TV broadcast during the opening credits of this film fills us in on all we need to know. Those who left the plane just before it blew up shortly afterwards began to die in mysterious circumstances. It was as if Death was catching up on those who had initially cheated it.

Cut to the present. Kimberley Corman (A.J. Cook) has a premonition that she and her friends are about to die in a multiple car pile-up…which happens before her very eyes. Kimberley is rescued by Officer Burke (Michael Landes). But when the survivors of the pile-up begin to die in freak accidents, Kimberley wonders if Death is out to fulfil its plans once again. And can the only remaining survivor of Flight 180, the improbably named Clear Rivers (Ali Larter), who has admitted herself to a padded cell for her own protection, help at all before they all die?

Final Destination was a film with an ingenious premise and some wit that played out as a series of elaborate setpieces. This sequel is more of the same. David R. Ellis stages the death scenes with a little less flair than James Wong did in the original, and a little more gore. The bloodshed is fleeting, but even so it tests the limits of a 15 certificate. The BBFC haven’t cut the film, but one scene (a head-impaling) seems to have been interfered with by the MPAA – either that, or it’s simply clumsy filmmaking. The acting is bland to say the least, and visually Final Destination 2 looks like a TV movie. There are a few nods to horror buffs along the way, such as the character names Corman and Carpenter, not to mention a rather pointless one-scene cameo from Tony Todd. But all in all Final Destination 2 gets the job done and doesn’t hang about – fast food for gorehounds.



out of 10

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