BVHE announce X-Men: Wolverine's Story

Buena Vista Home Entertainment

have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of X-Men: Wolverine's Story for 3rd November 2003. Featuring four exciting episodes from the animated series this disc also offers the following bonus features...

  • Bonus Episode: ‘Enter Magneto’
  • Stan Lee’s Soap Box: An Exclusive, Revealing Interview
  • Stan Lee Episode Introductions

Here is a summary of the included episodes as taken from the Press Release:

Repo Man - During a freak lab experiment, our hero Wolverine is impregnated with ‘adamant’ a legendary stone that gives him an indestructible all-metal skeleton. Years later Wolverine is captured by the evil Vindicator and Canadian Alpha Flight, his original impregnators. The Alpha team give him a deadly ultimatum – either quit the X Men and join them or face the consequences…

Reunion: Part One - In the first part of the Reunion saga – Mister Sinister attempts to lure the X Men to his Savage Land castle, using the bait of Xavier and Magneto who he already holds capture. After capturing the team, Sinister intends to steal their genetic material to update his lowly band of mutants to create his own army of unstoppable mutants.

Reunion: Part Two - The Reunion saga continues with the X Men touching down on Savage Island to find their skills and powers disabled. The challenge is on as Rogue and Wolverine must find a way to stop Sinister and rescue their companions.

Weapon X, Lies and Videotape - A cryptic postcard delivered to Wolverine unleashes a flood of painful memories that threaten to turn our hero insane. Beast, afraid for his friends sanity takes Wolverine to the Weapon X lab where he was first transformed into a mutant to find the root of the problem. Also at the lab are Sabretooth, Maverick and Silver Fox, who likewise had been test subjects along with Wolverine and who are also inexplicably suffering mental anguish. The answer to the mystery is horrifying, and potentially fatal for all concerned…

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