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Miracles is not so much a lost Jackie Chan classic, as much as it is the most injustly presented of his films. Much of my opinions of this truly great movie can be found in my Region 0 Megastar review elsewhere on the site. Suffice to say that Miracles contains not only some of the best action fight choreograpy Jackie Chan has ever produced, but also some of the best cinematography in any film ever made.

Miracles is a literal who's who of familiar Hong Kong actors and actresses at the time, including Bill Tung, Richard Ng, and Anita Mui as leading players, while people like John Shum, Jackie Cheung and even Yuen Biao all make an appearance somewhere in the film. It's sets are lavish and it's costume is similarly so. No expense was spared anywhere on this production.

Whats new?
Miracles has gone from being the most under presented to one of the most widely available. It has recently been released in anamorphic form in Region 1, and has long been available in Region 3 albeit in non anamorphic presentation, both being the longest cuts available. Now Hong Kong Legends has released it's own version of Miracles, once again in it's fullest available version. I have not seen the Region 1 variation, however I have seen the Region 3, and so this is the version I will compare this latest release against.

The Picture
As expected from Hong Kong Legends the picture quality of their Miracles disc is nothing short of, well, miraculous! The original R0 version of the film had a fairly decent picture, ableit none anamorphic. However this new release contains a lot more detail and copes well. If there was one area that the disc falls down on it is when rendering the fine detail of the various suits on show. Many a time combined with the interlacing some of the finer suit materials are reduced to a flickering mess. It must be noted though that such detail would be almost nigh on impossible to render properly without resorting to watching the original celuloid. On my 32 inch Philips widescreen television edges looked very sharp and there didn't appear to be any colour bleed or other similar problems.

The Sound
It is known that HKL had trouble with the audio elements of this film. Once again I am not sure when the soundtrack to this release was reconstructed. As per the last few HKL releases the soundtrack sounds almost exactly as per the R0 release. Surrounds are used for general ambience and it generally remains firmly centred. LFE is used sparingly and is mostly used during the many action sequences.

Without doubt this is the definative release of Miracles. Extras on the disc include a pretty interesting interview with Jackie Chan, a collection of trailers and the usual great commentary from Bey Logan. All in all of there is one version of this film you must own, this is the one.

9 out of 10
9 out of 10
6 out of 10
6 out of 10


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