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Mel Gibson has been in some of the best films of the last ten years - two which stand out are Braveheart and Ransom. Payback manages to prove that he's still on form and he puts in a performance easily on par with any of his previous movies.
He plays the part of Porter - a profesional thief who is shot by his friend over $70,000. Although left for dead, he recovers and set's out to get his money back. Of course, he doesn't just go up against the one man - he ends up fighting "The Outfit" to get his money back.

The Outfit is basically a Mafia-like organised crime syndicate with more money and resources than Porter can ever dream of! Along the way, he also manages to attract two bent cops and a Japanese criminal gang who also want him dead...

This inevitably leads to lots of shooting, explosions and the film can get very violent. Thankfully, there is some humour in there too and the mood of the movie never gets too dark.

Basically, it's a film of bad guy's verses bad guy's and it still manages to feel somewhat balanced as you end up wanting Porter to succeed!

The picture is a bit dark!

When you first insert the disc and press play, the first thing which strikes you is how dark the picture is. At first I thought someone had been fiddling around with the brightness controls on my TV - it didn't take long for me to realise this was intentional.

Being a Paramount release, you'd be forgiven for not expecting very much. Thankfully, after the non-Anamorphic Region 1 Titanic they have decided to return to producing Anamorphic discs. This can only be a good thing in this case - if the picture was non-Anamorphic, the darkness would have probably resulted in a severe loss in detail. The Anamorphic picture is both sharp and detailed - although there is no way you could say that it was colourful! In fact, the darkness can actually get quite uncomfortable at times.

Soundwise we have three soundtracks - one English Dolby Digital 5.1 and English and French surround tracks. The Dolby Digital track gives your surround system a good workout with plenty of gunshots whizzing around and enough explosions to keep the most demanding bass fan happy! The surround tracks do lose a lot of the immersiveness found in the DD track but this is to be expected - they're functional and if Pro-logic is as far as your system goes you won't be disappointed!

The features

As with all previous Paramount disc's, this one is nothing to write home about on the features front. You've got the usual trailer, or two in this case along with a short behind the scenes featurette which is more of a back patting session than anything else. If there is one area where Paramount could and should improve, it is here - where's the commentary track? where's the cast and crew notes? The list could go on and on.

In Conclusion

It's a great film with a good DVD transfer. That's reason enough to buy this disc for most people.

However, this disc isn't going to win any friends in the hard-core extra supporters camp. Then again, at least they've made a bit of an effort which is more than can be said about some people!

What more is there to say? If you like the movie then don't hesitate as it doesn't come any better than this. If you want more meat on your DVD then this disc may not be for you...

8 out of 10
8 out of 10
7 out of 10
2 out of 10


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Last updated: 29/06/2018 23:07:33

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