Warner Cult Classics 2

Warner Home Video have confirmed the five disc which will make up their second 'Cult Classics' collection. We all know about True Romance (18), the disc which hit the shelves at the beginning of April and was subsequently recalled. I can confirm that the disc does at times suffer from the reported problems with the left and right channels being reversed, but this is a minor problem which only slightly detracts from what is still the best release of the movie on DVD. The disc itself is presented in anamorphic 2.35:1 widescreen and features a remixed DD5.1 sountrack. Next up is Deliverance (18). This one features a 2.35:1 transfer and DD5.1 sound. There are no details on whether this disc is anamorphic or not. Leon (18) is also widescreen and also features a 2.35:1 transfer. This one definitely isn't anamorphic, and for more details you can check out my review. Finally, we also get Enter the Dragon (18) (2.35:1, DD5.1) and Excalibur (18) (Long version, 1.85:1, DD5.1). All the discs will appear on 15 May and will retail for £15.99.

Colin Polonowski

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