Columbia in June

Columbia Tristar have announced details of their June line-up along a brief rundown of what we can expect in July. The titles below also include some Universal releases and all discs are expected to retail at £19.99.

12 June

  • Mortal Thoughts (18)
    Features: Theatrical trailer, About Last Night trailer, filmographies

  • About Last Night (18)
    Features: Theatrical trailer, Mortal Thoughts trailer, filmographies

  • St. Elmo's Fire (15)
    Features: Production notes, biographies

  • Animal House (18)
    Features: "The Year Book An Animal House Reunion", theatrical trailer, production notes, filmographies

  • Bird on a Wire (PG)
    Features: Trailer

  • October Sky (PG)
    Features: Spotlight On Location, theatrical trailer, production notes, cast and filmmakers biographies.

    19 June

  • Jakob the Liar (12)
    Features: Theatrical trailer, theatrical trailer for Awakenings, interviews and behind the scenes, music highlights, filmographies.

  • Double Platinum (PG)
    Features: Two music videos: 'Until We Meet Again' (Diana Ross) and 'Almost Doesn't Count' (Brandy), filmographies.

  • Junior (PG)
    Features: Theatrical trailer, featurette, production notes, cast and filmmakers biographies.

  • Glory (15)
    Features: Theatrical trailer, trailer for The Bone Collector, trailer for Devil In A Blue Dress, documentary: 'The True Story of Glory Continues', 'Glory: The Making Of History' featurette, commentary, 'Voices Of Glory' featurette, deleted scenes, isolated score, filmographies

    26 June

  • Muppets from Space (U)
    Features: 5 trailers, 19 deleted scenes, music videos, feature commentaries, filmographies.

  • Mystery Men (12)
    Features: Spotlight On Locations, commentary, deleted scenes, origin of Mystery Men comic characters, trailer, DVD-ROM featurette, production notes, filmographies.

  • Blue Streak (12)
    Features: 2 featurettes, 3 music videos, trailer, filmographies.

  • Seventh Sign (15)
    Features: Filmgraphies, theatrical trailer for About Last Night, theatrical trailer for Mortal Thoughts.

    3 July

  • The Thirteenth Floor (18)
    Features: Commentary, music video: 'Erase and Rewind' (The Cardigans), art gallery, before and after special effects comparison, theatrical trailer, filmographies.

  • Bicentennial Man (12)
    Features: 3 trailers including Hook and Jumanji, 5 minute featurette, music score, filmographies.

  • Wishmaster

    10 July

  • Crazy in Alabama (12)
    Features: Gag reel, photo gallery, 2 deleted scenes, directors commentary, 2 trailers, filmographies

  • Limbo

  • Midnight Run

    17 July

  • Angela's Ashes (15)
    Features: 26 min featurette, 2 trailers, filmographies

  • Blue Thunder

  • Candyman

  • Hard Times

  • The Eyes of Laura Mars

    24 July

  • The Way We Were

  • Carlito's Way

    Colin Polonowski

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