Wharfedale problems: Update

Home Cinema Choice Online have been reporting on a number of apparent problems with the Wharfedale DVD750 DVD player. Their latest update listed a number of discs which their readers have reported problems with and I was a little shocked to say the least.

A quick survey on our forum gave some startlingly different results...

Firstly, they mention problems with Wild Wild West. According to the information I have, this problem has not been reported by anyone else and a few posts suggest that our readers haven't had any problems with the disc or player as far as this title is concerned.

The Matrix menu problem is well documented and there are a number of work-arounds. First you can navigate the menus purely by guess-work, while this may sound far fetched it is in fact not as hard as it sounds. Some people have reported that it is possible to get the menu to work correctly by pressing 6 followed by Play on the remote control.

The Cruel Intentions Parental Lock problems only seem to affect some people - perhaps these users have somehow changed their lock settings. According to our forum, the Region 2 version is not adversly affected in this way and as such the Wharfedale performs as sold. [UPDATE - Matt Rix has pointed out that early copies of Cruel Intentions had problems with the parental locking on some players. This has since been rectified in later pressings of the disc ]

The problem with no sound on The Iron Giant extras only seems to manifest itself occasionaly and by ejecting and reloading the disc you should be able to get the expected soundtrack.

The general consensus is that the DVD750 plays over 90% of discs without problems. Discs that do cause problems almost always have a work-around, sometimes just reloading the disc is enough to cure some difficulties - especially those when sound is an issue. Unlike some budget players, I have yet to see a corroborated report of a disc completely failing to work preventing the viewer from seeing the full presentation uninterupted.

I still feel that the Wharfie is still the best sub-£200 machine available, although the fact that the Samsung 709 is now available from some sources for less than £200 means that there is some real competition...

Colin Polonowski

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