Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Rumours are beginning to float around concerning what we can expect from this years possible Buffy releases. In an interview with Joss Whedon, The Watchers Web were able to get some interesting tit-bits regarding the DVDs... Corroborating our earlier stories that Fox are planning to include some interesting extras, Joss mentioned that he has been approached to do "interviews and commentaries and stuff". He also mentioned that they will launch with the first season, effectively squashing fears that Fox may decided to start releasing alongside the VHS box-sets later on in the series. Joss seemed interested in the commentary side of things so this bodes well! As for the possibility of seeing Anamorphic slaying - don't expect it. The series is being shot primarily with 4:3 in mind and as such any cropped footage off the left and right of the shot is likely to contain props and other material not suitable for inclusion. Add this to the fact that all special effects scenes have been rendered in 4:3 and its pretty conclusive that we're not going to be getting any widescreen Buffy - at least for the first four seasons.

Colin Polonowski

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