WARNING - Virus Alert!

Just a quick warning to make you aware of a VERY new and dangerous virus called 'I Love You'. It has only been released into the wild today and is spreading like wildfire. It has already reportedly taken down Hotmail and it working its way through the rest of the computerised world.

This virus is NOT yet detected by virus checkers so be very wary. It works like this;

You will receive an e-mail entitled 'I Love You' with an attachment of 'Love Letter for You.txt' or something similar. DO NOT OPEN THIS FILE. It will work its way through your address book, infecting everyone within. It will make changes to your registry and will disguise itself as Win32.DLL and Kernel32.DLL.

This is not a hoax, please take this very seriously and be warned that virus checkers are no protection against this virus at present.

Carl Prescott

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