PlayStation 2 Hacked Again

Those of you following the saga of the PS2 will know that a short while ago, the machine's DVD driver discs were recalled due to the fact that the machine could be 'hacked' to play Region 1 discs. The new software has since been distributed to all PS2 owners, but someone has found a way to bypass the Region coding again, and this time it's even easy and has a higher success rate! For those of you lucky enough to have one of the machines, here's how it works;

  • Place the DVD into the PS2 whilst at the browser screen
  • Select the CD icon and hold down Square and Circle
  • Keep holding these buttons down until the PS2's DVD menu appears
  • Now choose the play icon
  • If the play icon fails, then choose the movie start icon This hack has, reportedly, a 100% success rate. It seems Sony are having a seriously bad time with this unit, with cock up after cock up and it will be interesting to see the industry's response to this latest development. They are very keen for the PS2 to be completely Region locked with no workarounds, hence the previous driver recall.

    Carl Prescott

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