Ongoing forum problems

It looks like our server move has been a bit of a disaster. Just as the new forums went live, the server they were on was taken down for maintenance and ever since the forums have been disappearing, reappearing and generally behaving very badly indeed. We're as unhappy about this as you and we know that the longer they are down the more it will cause some people to abandon them altogether. We are working on the problems and Paul has been on the phone to the US on a number of occasions trying to sort this out. Please bear with us, once the forums are back up and running reliably again we will do our best to ensure that these problems don't happen again. Remember, the DVD Times forums are among the most popular in the UK and they are an invaluable resource for all DVD enthusiasts! If the problems we are experiencing persist we will be forced to move back to our old, fast, reliable server at great expense. So, if there are any companies out there reading this who would like to sponsor the forums then please drop us a line at

Colin Polonowski

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