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A quick update on some soon to be released indie titles...

First up, Digital Entertainment have announced the Region 2 releases of The Gate (15, £14.99) and Earth Girls Are Easy (PG, £14.99 on 22 May. They also have scheduled Rhapsody in August (U, £14.99) and Evilspeak (18, £14.99) for release some time this month.

MIA have sent further confirmation of their budget range. On 22 May they will be releasing Kiss Daddy Goodnight (18), Bruce Lee: The Man & The Myth (18), LA Takedown (18 - the precursor to Michael Mann's highly regarded Heat), When A Stranger Calls (15), Mission of Justice (18), Silent Rage (18), Iron Maze (15), Heart Of Midnight (18) and Cybertracker (18). A further 10 titles are planned for June and all twenty retailling at £9.99 each.
Look out for reviews of Cybertracker and Mission of Justice soon along with a look at Romper Stomper (18).

Finally, here are a bunch of other indie titles scheduled for release up until July (distributors include Hong Kong Classics, Digital Entertainment, Revelation, BMG and Odyssey):

15 May
Legend of a Fighter

22 May
BBC Shakespeare Plays
Mansion of the Doomed
Adventure Duo 1-3
Ultimate Fighting Championship Vol. 1

29 May
Drive: Special Edition

5 June
Eskimo Nell
Joan of Arc
Satan Returns
The Amityville Evil Escapes
Haunting Fear
Witchcraft 2
Horror Collection Box Set

19 June
New Dragon Gate Inn

3 July
Eurythmics Peace Tour

10 July
Full Alert
Miss Marple's Pocketful of Rye

Colin Polonowski

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